Check Out The walking Styles That Tell Us Problems With Our Health


This is how your walking style can reveal your health problems. Our body functioning is a complicated process that also includes our walk. Our every step involves one nervous system that is automatic, and we do not notice it. It has said that one’s walk can reveal a lot of a person’s health.

There we have listed down seven quirks that show that something is going wrong with your body that can seriously reveal your health problems. If you ever notice the below-given traits in any one then recommend them to visit the doctor for the treatment.

Your walking style can reveal your health problems

1. Short steps

Your walking style can reveal your health problems

Possible reasons:

The possible causes for this walk are the problems with the knees and hips. Our knees should straighten when we make one step forward. It may mean that you have joint issues if it is difficult to straighten your leg which results in the smaller amplitude of the step.

We recommend you to visit the doctor to get examined the knee and hip joints. You may even experience the back pain if you skip visiting the doctor because the overall load is put on the lower back.

2. Limping

Possible reason:

The probable reason for this walking style can be arthritis in the knee. It is impossible to lean on the one leg for him if someone’s walk is unsteady. The person can even lose his balance especially when his knee gets locked. This situation is hazardous. If the knee gets locked at an inopportune moment, the person can fall and gets injured. So, We recommend you to visit the doctor to get examined your knee.

3. Stiffness in hands

Possible reason:

The probable reason for this kind of walk is back problems. As we put our left leg forward, our right hand comes forward because the right sides’ torso muscles work as stabilizers and the same happens when we put our right leg forward.

You might be having a problem in your back if the amplitude of your arm swing is small. If you feel stiffness in your hands when you walk, visit the neurologist.

4. Foot drop

Possible reasons:

There can be many reasons for this like neurological disorders, multiple sclerosis, muscle problems. In such a walk, you do not put your feet directly on the floor instead you slap your foot down on the floor. This quirk can happen due to the following reasons like muscular dystrophy, a pinched nerve, back problems, and multiple sclerosis.

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5. Leaning

Possible reason:

The probable reason for this kind of walking style can be the head injury. If you ever noticed that sometimes it is difficult for a person to keep a balance in his walk and he lean a bit while walking. Then you do not directly jump to the conclusion that it is alcohol due to which the person leans while walking. It can be the result of an injury. Moreover, there is one thing to focus on that after the head injury, the person can experience the dizziness when they go up and down the stairs.

6. Snail’s speed

Possible reason:

Depression can be the possible reason for this kind of walk. You may have noticed a depressed person walking. There are the vertical head movements, swinging of upper trunk and walking slow, short steps with slow arm movements. You can walk along with them if they feel sad and help them to speed up walking. Our mood gets change with the change in our walking speed.

7. Springing

Possible reasons:

Stiff calves muscles can be the possible reason for this kind of walk. The women who wear high heels can suffer from stiff calves muscles. Moreover, those who do not pay attention to the stretching after many workouts can cause stiff calves muscles and that results in spring in someone’s step. It can lead to a knee and ankle injury if we do not stretch our muscles.

Try to bend your knees when we walk down the stairs. Notice the animals; they do the same while walking the downhills. It will reduce the joint pressure and will keep your knees healthy.

There is one more advice for you that: “The faster you walk, the longer you live your life.”