Some Common Mistakes That Even The Gurus Of Healthy Lifestyle Commit


Healthy lifestyle mistakes everyone is committing-Even after shifting to the healthiest of the diets some people fail to achieve their loved and longed goal. The reason behind this may be the fact that much of our knowledge about healthy products is entirely false. So it may seem to you that you are going in the right direction but in reality, you are just proceeding towards a dead end. However, with some accurate knowledge about the healthy products you can steer your wheel in the right direction. Firstly you need to get away from some myths and mistakes that may lead you to the wrong products. Let us leave these mistakes long behind us.

Healthy lifestyle mistakes everyone is committing

We choose organic products.

Healthy lifestyle mistakes everyone is committing

There is a widespread belief that organic products are safer than the regular ones. There is no scientific study to back this piece of knowledge. The only difference is that while growing the organic products, farmers use natural pesticides instead of the synthetic ones. The side effects of these natural pesticides have been poorly studied. Also, stop always looking for the “Eco” and “Natural” signs on the package as that may be just a marketing technique for increasing sales. Their origin, content, and appearance should instead be looked for when buying these products.

We prefer products without gluten.

Recently, many harms have been related to the products containing gluten. Some people need to stick to this gluten-free diet as these people have celiac disease. The proportion of people, however, having this disease is very less. There is no scientific evidence for other cases, that may show that a gluten-free diet ensures a healthy lifestyle. According to recent studies, avoidance of gluten may increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases because the whole grains are eliminated from our diet.

We buy low-fat products.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle in our mind, we reach for the low-fat products without realizing the fact that the manufacturers by reducing fat levels, compensate the content with other components for the improvement of taste. Some examples of these components are sugar flavors, stabilizers, and trans fats which can be equally harmful to our health.

Fats are also needed by our body, and so regular fat content is necessary for a balanced diet. Fats should be reduced only for medicals reasons. In all other cases reducing only a small percentage of fats in the products will do the work.

We drink fruit juices.

Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, and they lack in the dietary fibers that are needed by our body. This can lead to an increase in appetite, overeating, and weight gain. Juice cannot satisfy any hunger or thirst, and this fact leaves only a little difference between them and sweet soda drinks. This is why it is better to grab a fruit or essence water with fresh fruits. That is how you can get the benefits and nutrients out of healthy fruits.

We eat energy bars.

The energy bars are sold in the health and diet food section of the supermarkets, which does not make any sense because these bars contain chocolate glaze, caramel, artificial flavors and other additives. So what is so healthy about these energy bars? They are quick snacks that you may have on the go. They are no different from sweets when it comes to the volume of sugar levels contained in the bars. The amount of calories that these bars contain equals to a full-fledged lunch. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth have a bit of dark chocolate. These bars are not going to serve a healthy purpose because they contain as many calories as your sweets.

We prefer to eat dried fruits.

The manufacturers process the fruits with a chemical composition before drying, which will help to extend the lifespan of the fruits but will, in turn, decrease their beneficial factors. These dried fruits are therefore harmful and useless because of the conditions in which they are stored. Dried fruits are healthy only if you cook and dry them as your place and then have them. While buying these dried fruits from a store you want to look for the ones which are not that attractive and shiny and are rough.

We choose eggs with a brown shell.

The myth that tells that eggs with a brown shell are better than the ones with a white shell is here to stay. The size and color of the egg depend on the hen’s breed while the richness of the yolk tells the true story. The main way of choosing the right one should be done, judging by the conditions of their storage and the way they look. The safest options remain the eggs that are clean eggs, without any cracks and that is stored in a fridge.

We drink sports drinks.

Due to a strong connection between a healthy lifestyle and sports, we are forced to believe that sports nutrition also belongs to that healthy lifestyle. The sports drinks contain sweet soda water. As well as, corn syrup, artificial additives, and colorants that deviate from a healthy product. If you do not want to decrease your efficiency during a hard workout, do not reach for these drinks in the middle of it. It is not going to satisfy your thirst. A sports drink that you make with your own hands is a much better way to go about this.

We buy imported products.

Many people agree that the imported foreign goods are better than the local ones. This can be true for many cases but very false for the others. Consuming seasonal local products is healthier than those which are brought from abroad. The seasonal fruits will contain all the nutrients that your body is going to need. An apple grown in normal conditions at your local place is much better than the one that is imported from another country. The imported products will have their advantages, but you need to have an alert eye while choosing them.

So now, many of the myths about healthy food remain shattered and from now on when you step towards adopting a healthy life, keep these important points in your mind.

Stay healthy!