5 Unwanted Things That You Must Not Keep In Your Wallets


Things you should not keep in your wallet-Well, I know it must have happened to you that you lost your wallet and the horrible feeling arise in you to find it out. The new purses act as the mini bags as they even allow us with the necessary things that are with us. But if you will lose this bag or the wallet, then you will lose everything. Well, if the thieves will take away your wallet, then that means they have access to everything you have.

Everyone says you to keep your passwords safe to yourself. And we think our wallets to be the safest place because they are always with us. We hold our PIN numbers, keys, and passwords in our wallets. We even decided to find out other items that might leave at home.

5 Things you should not keep in your wallet

The social security card

If the thief comes to know your social security number, then he can have access to the credit amount of yours. He might even get the job on your name and earn the income on your name that has reported to the IRS. Try to keep your SSN at your home and also make sure you keep it safe and do not let it in the hands of other people. These documents are must for you even more than losing some amount of money.

Shop and the bank receipts and the checks on them.

Things you should not keep in your wallet

It is not safe for you to lose the receipts and the checks in the hands of the swindler. These sheets can give the whole accounting information to the thief. They can even access your personal information which you might be hiding from your everyone. Try to save yourself by not letting someone know everything regarding the transaction you have made through your accounts.

The scammers often go for requesting for the refund through the slip of someone else so that they can return the item that they have picked up from the store. The fraudster will not even steal your wallet. It is because sometimes the stranger like a mother and the old people ask you for the receipt so that you can collect the bonuses.

All the debit and credit cards one of the things you should not keep in your wallet

Well, you must have found everyone saying you that you must not keep all the cards proper at the one place. And if you will lose our purse, then there can be the chances by which the scammers can use the map that you must be using it before locking it. So we request you to keep one card in your pocket only when you plan to go for an outing with your friends.

Well, you can even take the photos of your card from both the sides. It will help you in the future by keeping it in your home case. It will help you when you lose your card and cannot remind its number.

 The USB flash drives

If you will lose the USB flash drives which contains the essential tickets, reports, and even your data, then it becomes a dangerous condition for you along with being an unpleasant situation. Scammers can quickly misuse the data that you stored in your drives. You must make sure that you keep all that stuff at your home and does not carry it along with yourself. Even you can set the password to the folder which would not allow the scammer to open the files rather than your PC.


Many people keep birth control devices in their pockets. Also, you will get upset if you lose them ever. And hence if you carry them in your purse, then it becomes a bit risky for you. It is because when such birth control devices experience the heat, then there might be the risk of breakage. Even your keys can harm them and you would have noticed them. Hence it is safe not to keep them in your pocket.

Things that you must introduce in your pocket.

Well, it is better if you keep a photograph of your child in your wallet. With it, most of the people stealing your wallet will return back to you.