Your shape of finger says much about your personality


Finger shape-Carl Yung had given a concept of personality. He said that every individual born with a personality but that is non-functional. Further, he stated that the environment regulates the factors of personality. One cannot deny being agreed with him because he is right enough. He said that an individual has a personality by birth, yes it is right. Our body structure says much about our personality. Our finger’s shape reveals much about our personality. Let us prove this here.

Here’s What Your Finger Shape Says About Your Personality

  • Male and female criteria for finger shape

Finger shape

The index finger of men is shorter than the index finger of women. The length of the index finger and ring finger tells the amount of estrogen and testosterone that the baby is going to have while the development stage of the fetus. This is what scientists believe about.

  • Stress, anxiety, and depression

Your finger’s length tells the level of anxiety, stress, and depression.

  • The index finger is shorter

For women, if the index finger is short, they are supposed at the risk of anorexia and assertiveness.

  • Fan or triangle shape

If your nails are wider on the top but narrow on the bottom, you are an anxious personality. This is my experience too so I believe without any logic.

  • Almond shape of the nails

These types of nails show that the person is creative, smooth and emotional.

  • Rectangle finger shape

The persons with this shape are very patient, honest and sensitive.

  • Tall rectangle

If your nails are broad according to the length, you are a narrow-minded person.

  • Square

Persons with this shape are seen very impatient in their life.

  • Oval or round

This shape shows that the person is very optimistic, joyful and open-minded.

  • C-shape of nails

The hardworking persons are seen to have such type of shape.

  • Anatomy or body structure

Nails are made up of keratin and they are produced near the cuticle of our nails, they are our nail plate.

  • Short index finger

Shorter index finger tells that the person is away from normal like it may have autism, ADHD, maladaptive behavior or anxious.