Living with curls is undoubtedly difficult. Angela Mary Vaz is a 25-year-old Indian illustrator and comic artist from Bangalore who got almost 100k followers on her Instagram account called Stray Curls where she depicts the challenges of living with curly hair through some hilarious comic illustrations.Curly hair is high maintenance and thus it involves its own set of challenges and difficulties.

“I will choose my curls over straight hair any day,” Angela says. “But let’s face it: Curly hair is high maintenance.”

If you are a girl with curly hair, you’ll definitely relate to this post. So check this out!

1.I said unmanageable for obvious reasons.

2. You can’t have bangs!

3.Reality of ponytail

4.Why don’t you brush your hair?

5.The more the conditioner, the manageable the hair.

6. Always the wrong timing!

7.Say no to hats too!

8.Growth seems impossible.

9. Let them dry and see the change

10.More like a bird’s nest?

11.Oh well.

12.Even the hairdresser doesn’t get it.

13.The sad truth.

14.They’ll be like that for the rest of the day

15.Nothing freaks you out like humidity!

16.Can you even call it a partition?

17.Conditioners are your best friends after all!

18.Haircut eventually turns into nightmares.

19.Presenting to you, the Jimmi Hendrix cut!