How would superheroes look if they grew old? Our favourite superheroes have saved the world so many times and done so many astounding feats that it is hard to imagine them when ageing will catch up with them. Lesya Guseva, a Russian artist, imagined what our beloved superheroes would be doing after their retirement by creating this adorable series of illustrations on Instagram. Called ‘Pensioners’, the series captures their shenanigans post-retirement with other much-loved characters from the Disney universe. Be warned though: it might bring tears to your eyes.

Here is how would superheroes look if they grew old

  1. The Flash

How Would Superheroes Look If They Grew Old

Even when old, Flash can always depend on his superpower to flee from the dreaded syringe.

  1. Thor

How Would Superheroes Look If They Grew Old

Thor, the might God from Asgard, would use his Mjolnir to handle the perils of making a birdhouse. So much of cuteness!

  1. Catwoman

Who cares if the teeth are gone as long as the Catwoman has her legendary fierceness and confidence still intact?

  1. Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn would bring her crazy into the kitchen like a pro!

  1. Super Girl and Wonder Woman

After saving the world umpteen times, Super Girl and Wonder Woman are totally entitled to a quiet, relaxing evening in the park.

  1. Joker

Old age or no old age, the Joker still has his spectacled eyes on his nemesis.

  1. Ariel

No one can guess that this adorable granny was once a frolicking mermaid in the sea!

  1. Deadpool

The cane only adds to the coolness factor of Deadpool!

  1. Batman

Yes, the Dark Knight of Gotham City has retired. It is not his job anymore to nab the criminals.

  1. Spiderman

Spiderman is still using his spider skills, just not for catching criminals but for knitting!!! Adorable, right?

  1. Iron Man

Not much has changed for Tony Stark after retirement. 😉

  1. Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie are the epitomai of forever love. Don’t tell me I did not warn you guys about the tears!

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  1. Genie and Doctor Strange

For Genie and Doctor Strange, retirement time is for playing chess with a twist of magic, of course!

  1. Snow White and Captain America

Captain America is still making excellent use of his shield, saving the lovely Snow White!

  1. Superman, Pocahontas, and Meeko

Guess who gets to hang out with Meeko and Pocahontas in old age? Superman himself!