16 tattoos that just got worse with time.

Hilarious faded tattoos-Getting a tattoo has become quite a norm today. They are quite trendy but let’s face it; you don’t want a skull on you for long. Why? It could look something else after a few months. Or years. It won’t be as pretty as you imagined it to be.

Maybe you don’t get the visuals of what we are trying to say here. Let us walk you through some real life experiences and their pictures. The reality, here we go!

1.  Why would you choose a lizard for a tattoo? Secondly, it is one of the hilarious faded tattoos that turned into something else.

hilarious faded tattoos

2. Any Taureans out there?

3. Okay, equally scary!

4. Tsunami won’t matter after a few years, you see.