Cooking hacks are all the wisdom that you need in your life because you will always need food in your life. Today’s busy lifestyle forbids us to spend hours in our kitchen, to make a meal. This is the reason why we order from restaurants so frequently whenever we want to have some delicious food. Also, cooking is not loved by all the people, and such people’s lives will become easier when they incorporate these hacks into their lifestyle. These tricks should be learned by everyone in order to save some precious time and add a tinge of a different taste to your already delicious food. Some of these amazing hacks are listed below.

Brilliant cooking hacks everyone should know

How to cook a perfectly circular egg?

Cooking Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

To some people, if not all, it can be a real struggle. Keeping the darn egg circular needs a hack to make it easier and to be prepared in less time. All you have to do is cut an onion ring and place it in a frying pan. Break the egg inside this ring and see this hack take shape. The onion ring is not going to let the egg spread around the pan. Use this and have a quick breakfast.

Cooking hacks for cooking a tasty kebab quickly?

Cooking Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

I know how much you guys love those delicious kebabs. They take a lot of time to be prepared, and thus a hack deems necessary to quicken its pace. For this process of cooking the kebabs to take a quicker pace, you want to put one big piece of meat on several skewers, as shown in the picture. Repeat the process while doing the same with other pieces. In this way, the pieces will turn to the same size and will need the same amount of time to be cooked.

Cook caramel barbecue in Coca-Cola

Boil ribs in Coca-Cola beforehand in order to make them sweet. Then grill them for four minutes on each side, so that they are covered in caramel. Your delicious meal is prepared. Go ahead and treat your taste buds nicely *grins*.

A simple way to peel eggs.

Eggs are loaded with nutrients, and most people eat them. Boiled eggs are the famous choice, and rightly so. Before boiling the eggs, make a tiny hole in them with the help of a pin. This is what will get you rid of the peels quicker than usual. Happy peeling!

Cooking hacks for making your cake perfect.

For every occasion, be it a birthday or an anniversary, cakes have become a kind of tradition, and I am not at all bitter (because, hello! they taste awesome). The buttery, creamy cakes are loved by everyone and a little more by people who are a bit of a sweet tooth. In order to get a perfectly smooth cake, you need to put your spatula in hot water for a few seconds. This helps in smoothly sliding the spatula under the cake. Who wants an uneven cake when you can prepare a perfectly smooth one, using this trick?

Cook many eggs simultaneously.

If you have too many errands to run before having to prepare a little too many of the eggs, then you need to use this hack. Loaded with healthiness, it makes a delicious breakfast. If, however, you do not have much time or have to cook a lot many eggs in no time, then you need to put them in a wet towel placing them in the oven for the next thirty minutes. This is how you get all the nutrients in the fastest way possible. Aren’t time-saving hacks, the absolute best?

Cook your meatballs in an oven.

Using some of the most delicious spices these meatballs are prepared. Ground meat rolled into a ball, with other ingredients, such as bread crumbs, minced onion, eggs, butter, and seasoning, make meatballs. They can be eaten separately or added to soups. In order to control the size of the meatballs and to flip them, use a special kind of muffin tin. There will be less of a mess and more of deliciousness. It makes it much easier to flip them over halfway through the process with the help of a spoon. Make the nicely formed and browned meatballs, minus any of the hassle involved.

Get rid of extra fat; add rice.

Weird, but a true hack. Dry rice at the bottom of the tin will help you get rid of the extra grease during cooking. The unwanted grease is absorbed by the presence of rice. All you have to do is “sprinkle a layer if dried rice into your cupcake tins before putting your cases in and the rice absorbs any unwanted grease”. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Use it and keep the grease away from the tins.

Cooking hacks for cooking several dishes at the same time.

If there happens to be a time, when you have to prepare many dishes in a short period, then this trick will come in handy. For example, you can adjust two-three flavors of chicken every other week. Let us see the process:

  1. Cover the baking sheet with foil.
  2. Roll some pieces of aluminum foil into a stick and rest it on the blade to raise it to create dividers. Make more columns like this.
  3. Divide the pieces of chicken breast evenly and season them.
  4. The seasoned pieces need to be placed on the baking sheet.
  5. Spread them evenly so that they are not cooked together. Add around 1.5 teaspoons of coconut oil so that they do not stick.
  6. Cooking time may vary as according to the amount of chicken on the pan. 6 pounds of chicken may need 404F and 20 minutes to be cooked.
  7. Prepare different sauces in separate containers so you can customize as according to your liking.

Some of these hacks are a real time saver and are truly a blessing for people who live their lives hustling hard. Food is necessary as you need its essentials in order to work through the day. Make sure you make it right and can save as much time as possible. Do not forget to treat yourselves with some deliciousness, once in a while.