Teachers That Would Even Beat Up Some Stand Up Comedian


Hilarious teachers-Well, teaching does not only mean giving knowledge regarding subjects rather it also means indulging the moral values in the children. We never know who will be our teacher for some other things, but one thing that we can say is teachers are to teach. Many always try to give us individual lessons. The article that we have written will provide you with knowledge not to be only smart, but also you must be funny and intelligent.

We are here with some jokes by the hilarious teachers out there. Well, you would not resist yourself laughing at them.

Hi here first we introduce you one of the hilarious teachers who is 85 years old physics teacher. He always fights with his wife like children. They in front of the students, compete with the light slab.

Hilarious teachers who know how to deal with students

This one is like scaring some students because of the teacher projects his facing during the exams so that during the exam time. We don’t know what the teacher wanted to prove with this, but it was much fun that I think students might not even focus on their exams. They will keep on seeing him.

Hilarious teachers who know how to deal with students

Well, I think that it is a reliable way so that you can make sure that none student will get late below the right expected time. There is no entry for the students who are late to the class. And hence the very next day they will follow the school rules correctly.

The high school teacher is explaining his views regarding the situation that he had faced once teaching the class. He pulled out the pillow of the student kept on the backpack so that he can make him wake up. The student went to sleep during exam time.

Well, a teacher knows who are the cheaters of the class during some exam or the test time. It is because everyone has their writing skills to make sure while writing and once a teacher is checking and found the same answers with the same skills to write then that means the students have cheated in the test.

Well, in the days of school time teacher get the highest priorities from the students because students want to increase their grade points from them. And see what the teacher posted the posture on the notice board on that day. They know students always laugh at them during regular days and now in the last days, teachers are God for them.

Again this is one of the hilarious teachers. It will always remind you of your teacher. The students will never forget a teacher who has some weird activities to do. One of such is keeping a Julius Caesar penholder on the desk of the teacher. Well, we will always look for some more funny behaviors of them.

Well, I know the next one would make you laugh a bit madly. It is the story of the bio teacher at some school. He used to keep a stamp of his face which was custom made. Well, students might be laughing at them a lot.

It is the habit of most of the students to look at the clock madly. It is the time to learn something new. And hence now the teacher has used a trick not to let children get bored and look at the time again and again by covering the clock with the piece of paper.

It will seem some weird to you, but it is the truth that the graphics teacher let the students make the pizza rolls with the help of the T-Shirt printer.

One teacher lent students to photostat the notes which she has given them forgetting to remove the ant which she has killed on one of the papers. Now every student has the photocopy of the copies with one page of the dead ant on it.

Well, it is the activity done by the history teacher of the school for the last five years. He made a piece of art which states that it is the picture of the day for welcoming the students.

A boy was present to check out some information from the teacher computer in the school for some work and see what he has found out there kept o the teacher desk.