Holes In Your Favorite Sweater? Forget The Needle And Thread – Just Check Out This Ingenious Solution


Holes In Your Favorite Sweater-When you’re pulling on one of your favorite t-shirts, then suddenly you notice that there’s a hole in it and you can’t go out with that favorite t-shirt. You know you can grab a needle and thread and try to fix it. but in the end, the result might be time to say goodbye to one of your favorite t-shirts.

But there is no need to of Needle and thread, just take a needle and thread and do your best to fix it and you will get surprised with the results. The process takes no more than 10 minutes. you will never be able to tell there ever was a hole in your sweater. The steps are described briefly.

Holes In Your Favorite Sweater? Forget The Needle And Thread – Just Check Out This Ingenious Solution

Holes In Your Favorite Sweater

Things you need:

  • your shirt/sweater which has a hole
  • An iron
  • Small piece of fusible bonding web
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Parchment paper
  • Spray bottle with water
  • White cloth


1. Turn the sweater inside out and put it on your iron board. To reduce the size of the hole bring the corners as close as possible to each other by using your fingers.

Holes In Your Favorite Sweater

2. Now covers your iron board with Parchment Paper. This process will help to prevent anything from sticking to it.

3. Now grab some fusible bonding web and cover that particular hole with it, and place a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing on top.

4. After all this process now iron that particular area by maintaining appropriate heat for the wool and Dampen the area with water using a spray bottle, and then gently set your hot iron directly on top and let it settle for 15 seconds.

5. Now turn the sweater as it was before filling the hole and remove the cloth and if you see some thread out repeat all the steps above, using your fingers to squeeze the threads together.


6. If you are a beginner it may take a few shots when you try this, but practice makes a man perfect so, soon enough, your hole will disappear. Get Here the 10 Best Life Hacks Which Will Keep Your Clothes Alive For The Longer Time

Take a look at the video below for full instructions:

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