Hotel Experience That You Face Around the World During Stay


Hotel expectations vs reality-When you want to travel somewhere, it is hard to predict the conditions around you. Well, people want to experience the best for their holidays because it is precious time for which they spend a lot of money with their family or friends. We booked our hotel stays before we reach there and hence that experience is ok for us.

In most of the cases what we think is not according to us. It is because the hotel management makes us fool with their tricks like they make the apartment look more significant than its actual size. Some others puzzle us with their inventions of the hidden cameras by installing the bathrooms and so on. It is an unpleasant situation for us as we cannot get the same as we want in our home.

Hote expectations vs reality

Hotel guest experience: hotel expectations vs reality today

Here we have gathered some photographs through which you will come to know what we have to face in the hotel rooms which is not according to us let’s see hotel expectations vs reality.

Well, the Google map shows the hotel and its surroundings.

Before booking the hotel room, you must make sure for the surroundings by opening the google map. See what the streets are in actual. The area that offers you a cheap rate for the room will be according to the surrounding conditions.

Get photographs of the hotel room from the social media.

For using the free wifi, we have to pay the extra money and in actual that free net ranges only for a hotel lobby, not the rooms. They trick you by charging extra money. Before booking, you must ask the receptionist if the net is free for the rooms or not.

It is in many cases that photos do not predict reality. You can get the real picture through social media like Instagram. Also, you can learn about the shower thermometer or the free mobile phones that you get during the stay.

Before you see the pictures of the swimming pool, gym or some other amenities of the hotel you must check the reviews of the people. With that people get charged more they do not understand them the responsibility for the safety of their products.

According to the rules, the hotel will provide you with two towels for the stay. One of them is the foot towel, and the other is the hand towel.

You must take the nearby look of the rooms.

Well, it is hard for tall people to stay in rooms in Asia. You must confirm the height of the ceiling of the room before you book them. You can also ask for the elevator and its size if you want to go upstairs. You must discuss the problem of the electrical plugs with the adapters with the receptionist.

You must not pay the extra charges for the views from the hotel.

The room with the additional windows charges the more, but you fail to convince the hotel manager because they have hidden the chimneys, closets, and walls behind such windows. Before booking such rooms, you must clarify such things otherwise you can ask them for not paying extra money.

Look at the bathroom pictures carefully.

In some hotel rooms, the bathroom is separate from the bedroom with the glass walls. People make use of such places on the trips. Such showers do not occupy much space, and there is no need for extra light for them.

Before using the shared washroom, you must make sure that you lock your door from all sides before using it. You must also worry about your personal belongings. At some places there is no hot water available then you will have to heat the electrical devices available to heat up them.

Check the details before booking.

Hotel guest experience: hotel expectations vs reality today

Before you unpack your clothes, you must check the room heaters or the air conditioners. You can ask them to replace if they do not work correctly. You must check the rooms of the hotel before staying because they might have placed the hidden cameras inside them.