It sounds impressive, but private label simply means ordering a product from one supplier. Put simply, if a supplier is making a specific product just for you, then you’re engaged in private labeling.

In some businesses, this simply isn’t necessary. However, if you’re in the cabling business, then you’re going to want to look at the potential that private labeling offers you. Just take a look at this braided DACRON® cord inventory, and you’ll appreciate how a cable can be crafted to your exact needs.

You’re probably wondering why you should limit yourself to one supplier or adopt this approach to your business, but there are a number of benefits.


If you’re going to manufacturer the cables yourself you’re going to need a dedicated department, extra staff, and probably some good machinery. In short, there’s a substantial setup cost.

Of course, if you’re demand is constant, the setup costs can be offset against the long term savings, potentially making it cost-effective.

But, if this is a unique order or for occasional demand, that’s a lot of resources you have tied up. Using a dedicated manufacturer will cost less!

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It’s easy to speak to another supplier and tell them exactly what you need. The production issues become their problem, you simply expect the cables to be with you on the agreed date.

This means you know exactly what you’re getting and can build the rest of the product around it. It’s especially convenient if you’re not constantly producing the same product.

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In business, it is always best to get the highest-quality product and, this will usually come from the firm that has the most experience and best reputation.

When your product or service involves cabling as just one of the elements, then you’re specialist knowledge isn’t going to be the cables; it’s going to be the overall project.

Providing you give them all the information they ask for, they’ll be able to manufacture a product that fits your exact needs, helping to ensure you create the very best product possible.

By telling them what you need, it becomes their responsibility to provide the right product, leaving you free to do what you do best.

By choosing the firm that has the best reputation, you can be assured that your end product is the highest possible quality, that’s important for your reputation. As you already know, it’s difficult to get a good reputation but easy to destroy it; you need to do everything you can to get the best reputation.

It’s Common

Private labeling has become an exceptionally popular way to get the highest-quality products without the inconvenience and cost of establishing your own production area. In fact, by using another firm, you can even state that you’re helping the overall economy!