Comfortable outerwear is all you need to stay safe and be productive, even in the cold environment. Thankfully, performance outerwear jackets serve both these purposes. They are great for layering and to stop the cold in its tracks.

The growing obsession of the menswear category is increasing the popularity of a humble performance jacket where styles are classic, and features are functional. Here are ways to find a jacket that is perfect for your needs.

Choose the Perfect Size

When looking for a performance jacket for versatile style, know your size, and choose an outfit that suits you perfectly. If you need activewear, the idea is to find a jacket or blazer that leaves a small leeway in its size. This gives you space to breathe, push, pull, and twist in your jacket without feeling uncomfortable.

Prefer the Function over Style

Performance outerwear needs to be functional above all else. Choose shapes and designs that flatter your form and move with your work. Whether you are looking to shake a leg on the dance floor or want to play it cool on the field, a versatile jacket will be the ultimate pick.

The function of your jacket goes hand in hand with the sizing. Though a snug jacket will show off your physique, it may restrict your movement all the same. So, choose jackets that move with you, no matter what your chosen activity is.

Check Out the Design Features

In performance jackets, look for an ideal combination of athletic performance with a classy style. You needn’t go overboard with design in performance outerwear. But, that doesn’t imply that you choose bland styles.

Find jackets with multiple pockets, each having a zipped, or button closure, including tartan welt pocket. A custom-made 2-button blazer having functional cuffs and a single vent is also a statement piece that offers style with versatility.

Find the Perfect Fabric

The versatile performance outerwear jackets are made from comfortable fabrics that allow movement and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Even when you are sweating out on the golf course, the jacket needn’t be a hindrance.

So, go ahead and choose a lightweight 4-way stretch material that’s wrinkle-free and has moisture-wicking abilities to keep you dry. Look for fabric blends like poly and spandex for both outer and inner layers.

After you choose a performance jacket that can stand against the testing environment, it’s all about styling them perfectly. The bells and whistles in the design of a jacket should work in tandem with other garments you match with them. Here are a few tips to help:

Layer Your Style

Performance outerwear needn’t be devoid of any style when you can do so much with it. Wear a simple tee and layer it up with a stunning Harrington style jacket or wear a performance blazer over a button-down shirt and classic pants for a smart casual look.

Choose Perfect Accessories

Avoiding befitting accessories is the biggest fashion faux pas you can commit when styling your performance outerwear. Choose accessories like classy shoes, leather belts, and ditch the tie.

So, this is your guide to get the perfect appearance in performance outerwear.