Remove acne with banana peels



To remove scars from the face, use ripe banana peels. Avoid the green ones as the acid is not good for the skin. Cut the yellow peel and rub the internal portion of your skin. Repeat for 10 minutes every day to watch your facial scars disappear like magic.

banana peel for acne-How to Cure Acne Using Banana Peels

If you want the wrinkles on your face to disappear, the banana peel is something you should try. Massage the peel on the skin for about 5 minutes daily for tighter skin. You will look younger in no time.

banana peel for acne


Use banana peels for removing acne. Rub the soft banana peels over your face for 5 minutes. Do this regularly for best results. Don’t discontinue until the pimples have completely vanished. Doing this also leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized at all times.

banana peel for acne

banana peel for acne


Cut a small banana peel section and drop it on your teeth. Let it stay for 8 minutes and then rinse using fresh, clean water. Instead of using artificial products, sparkly white teeth can be achieved using bananas itself!

banana peel for teeth


Cut a ripe banana into small pieces and the peel into three large pieces. Put this in a blender and add rice flour, some curd, and some water. Blend well to form a consistent paste. Always use fresh bananas for this mask. You can store it in a container.

banana peel for acne

Use a face brush for applying the mask. Rub it all over the face gently. Make sure you cover all areas of the face. Let the mask stay for about 15 minutes. Then wash it off using cold water. You will see that your face will be glowing and much softer after its use. Do the routine thrice a week for best results.

banana peel for acne

Try these tips to get the skin you always dreamt of having! Do share it with your friends and family if you find these hacks to be helpful. Time to say goodbye to artificial products, hello banana peels!