Your relationship with music is something that has likely changed and developed quite a bit over the course of your life. While young, you probably didn’t have much choice about what to listen to and were only exposed to the nursery rhymes, children’s songs, top 40 tracks heard on public radio and whatever music your parents or siblings might have listened to.

When you start to mature and go through your teenage years, you will start to use music as just one of the many forms of self-expression that adolescents are naturally drawn to. During this time your friendships and popular trends amongst your age group are going to be a massive influence on what music you listen to. This fact has lead to the popularity of boomboxes in the 80s. These are stereo speakers powered by batteries, enabling people to bring their music wherever they wish to go. That has changed though you can see still see these devices now on MusicCritic with more modern features.

Now that you’re older and don’t care as much about what others think of your playlist, you can more honestly explore what music really appeals to you. However, it can be hard to find time to listen to new music and risk disappointment when you have a busy schedule and rely on your favorites to get you through the week.

The following will show you some ways that you can find time to explore new music and give yourself the best chance of finding new tracks that really speak to your soul.

1. Listen to internet radio

While the radio you listen to in your car or while shopping doesn’t have much variety beyond the top 40 commercially successful tracks of the month, you can find a much wider range of music when listening to internet radio. Almost every genre and subgenre of music you can think of will have multiple internet radio stations dedicated to it, normally hosted by passionate fans who want to host an outlet focused on the music they love.

If you have a certain type of music you really love, such as ‘chillout’, then you could visit a chillout internet radio station and tune in. This will guarantee that the music you listen to while studying or working will be of a type you know you enjoy and will shuffle through a wide variety of artists allowing you to organically discover new music that catches your fancy.

Many internet radio stations will allow you to make an account and flag tracks as you hear them so you can come back later to acquire them for your personal listening. Many of these websites will even have functionality with Spotify, letting you easily update your playlists with music the DJ just played.

2. Set time aside to explore new music

If you are the kind of person that really needs to focus on when exploring new music, then try scheduling 30 minutes or an hour in your day to dedicate to the task. You can grab a cup of relaxing tea, get comfortable, and prepare to dive into a music session where you can really appreciate every element.

3. Ask friends and family for recommendations

Your close friends and family are the people who know you and your tastes best, so it’s not a bad idea to reach out to them when you are seeking new music to listen to. They will more than likely be very enthusiastic about making recommendations to you about their favorites, but they should also seek to take into consideration what they already know about your musical tastes.

For example, if a family member knows you don’t like country music then they would be wasting their time lending you their favorite country album.

4. Make your own music

If you are struggling to find any new music to love, then perhaps it’s a message from the universe that you should consider creating your own music. Music is one of the ultimate expressive art forms and can tell you a lot about yourself when you make an attempt.

There you have it, 4 ways you can find new music to enjoy.