Office space is the building, rooms, or areas where companies and corporations conduct their business. Office spaces can range from just a reception area for three or four employees to huge office complexes that only house one company. Office spaces come in different shapes and sizes, whether it is an open space layout, partitioned rooms with each department separated by walls/partitions, etc. Companies need to make sure they find the best office/space for their company.

What to consider when looking for the perfect workplace for your company

The Size of a Room is Important

The size of a room is critical. Make sure you find a workspace that can accommodate your current employees and has room to grow if need be. It is also advisable to make sure there’s not much traffic in the working space as this can be distracting. The last thing you want is your employees complaining about how the traffic flow in the workplace isn’t so good!

Location, Location, Location…

The location of an office space plays a significant role when it comes to renting one. Employees don’t want to feel like their boss is breathing down their necks by commuting far to work, so make sure you find a place near a public transport like MRT stations. Another thing to note is the proximity of the working space to food and drinks outlets; having enough choices for lunch or a quick break can be a big deal!

Workplace Amenities

When it comes down to renting an office space, you need to find one with the most valuable amenities. Some of these include; having a receptionist or even food court facilities available for employees.

The access to the building

Office spaces nowadays offer 24/7 access, so whether your employees work in the office late at night or come in early for meetings, they do not have to worry about restricted office hours.

How much does the rent cost?

The cost of renting an office space also plays a significant role in the renting process, so make sure you get an estimate of how much it will cost to rent one to see if it fits your budget or not.

Checking out the Landlord

Make sure you check out the landlord for any past issues they may have had with previous renters. It will be a considerable risk to rent a working space if the landlord is not reliable or trustworthy.

Once you have found an office space suitable for your company’s needs, make sure you sign an official lease with the landlord, so both parties are protected. It would be a massive mistake if you decided to just ‘rent’ something without any written proof of it being yours.

Terms and conditions should

The terms and conditions should be clearly stated in the lease. This will protect both parties from any confusion or misunderstandings that may arise.


Renting the best working space in Singapore is vital for any business. It is crucial to ensure that your employees are happy and comfortable while taking on their daily tasks. If you have enough space for your employees to move around, have a nice office space with amenities available, chances are you will have a productive workforce who enjoy going to work.