Get rid of underarm odor-Body odour is, indeed, a natural phenomenon and you do not have to feel ashamed about since it’s ubiquitous. But, the underarm odour due to excessive sweating often makes us feel ashamed when we are in a group of people.

Ways to get rid of underarm odor

Get rid of underarm odor

When we are extremely nervous or undertake extensive workout, our body tends to get overheated. To cool down, we sweat. Since a large number of sweat glands are present in the armpit area, we are likely to sweat more in these areas. And, when it comes in contact with bacteria, it starts to give a stinking smell.

But, you should not worry because these simple tricks will help you to get rid of this foul odour permanently.

# Baking soda

Keep your skin dry and away from sweating by mixing baking soda with cornstarch and applying it on the underarm area just before you dress up. Since baking soda is a light ingredient, it will help you to feel fresh throughout.

# Apple cider vinegar

Take a bowl, pour a small quantity of water into it with few drops of lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Prepare the mixture well and store it in a spray bottle. You can use this spray after you’ve taken a bath. It will help to keep the bacteria at bay and helping you to fight the foul odour.

# Tree tea oil

Mix tree tea oil with rose water and apply the mixture on your underarms. It will help to keep that irksome smell at bay because tree tea oil has been an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient for ages. Another way to use tree tea oil is to apply it directly.

# lemon juice

Cut a thin slice of lemon and place it under your arms for 10-15 minutes. It is one of the easiest ways to not only feel refreshed throughout the day but also to maintain the pH level of the body.


Alcohol has been quite essential in many ways, one of them is removing the foul smell. Make use of odourless alcohol and apply it on your underarms.

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# Hydrogen peroxide

Take a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with plain water or rose water, whichever you feel is comfortable. Now, transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and spray the mixture on your underarms before you get dressed up.

# rub alum

Who would have thought that alum would be ao useful to get over the bad body odour! However, make sure that you soak alum in water before applying it on your underarms because dry alum will do no good to the problem.

# You are what you eat

The diet you procure says a lot about you and your body. If you survive on a lot of onion, garlic and spices, it gets eliminated from your body in the form of pestering smell lasting for almost two days. Make sure that you eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

# keep hydrated

Water is the solution to every problem. Make sure that you drink enough water to mask the problem of underarm odor.

# don’t shave

Shaving gives rise to a lot of issues when it comes to underarm shaving. The shaving creams, when applied, cause a lot of irritation and the intensity is accelerated by using a razor on your underarms because the skin over there is very sensitive. It lets the bacteria to come up and stick the surface, giving an unnecessary bothersome smell. So, stop shaving.

Use these simple hacks and say hello to the awesome body fragrance which will make you feel refreshed throughout the day!