Ray-Ban Glasses are the Premium Eyewear of the World

Ray-Ban is the top leading brand in the eyewear market. The brand is known for its outstanding collection of premium quality and uniquely designed sunglasses. The iconic eyewear brand was founded in 1973 with the goal to help decrease or ban sun glare for the US Army Air Corps pilots and hence got the name “Ray-Ban”. The present-day collection of Ray-Ban eyewear has got everything for people with different choices; from timeless Aviators to classic Wayfarer styles, there are countless styles and shapes that can compliment almost all face shapes and styles.

Ray-Ban Glasses are Always in Fashion

Ray-Ban Glasses are timeless! This eyewear is the perfect choice for people who are fashion conscious and like to stand out from the crowd. Besides, every other day, there is an innovative addition to the collection!

But well, if you are not careful with your expensive Ray-Ban Glasses, you cannot carry those for a longer time as these would not be in shape and mind you – Ray-Ban repair can be costly too. Here is all that you need to know about taking care of your Ray-Ban Glasses to keep them in top shape!

Rinse the Glasses off

Every time you wipe or clean your glasses, you must rinse them off with water. Rinsing off the glasses with water is important as there are very tiny particles of dust or dirt that tend to settle on the lens and if you wipe those out instead of washing the lenses, you are causing abrasion to the lenses.

Be Careful with Sprays

Some chemicals can be used to clean the eyewear but you need to be careful while choosing such chemicals. There are sprays and cleaners that are specifically made for cleaning the eyeglass lenses. But do not use household cleaners that are supposed to clean the floors for the cleansing of your eyewear because these chemicals contain ammonia which, in actual, tears off the coating that is done over the lens. You can find a good eyeglass cleaning solution from any nearby pharmacy!

Dry the Glasses in Air

You must let your Ray-Ban pair to dry in the air. This way, tiny materials are prevented from settling over the lenses. But if you cannot set your glasses down for air drying, then there is another alternative too – simply wipe down the spectacles with a soft, clean, and lint-free cloth.

Pick the Right Cloth to Clean and Wipe your Ray-Ban Pair

Paper towels, tissue, napkins, and other similar materials are not appropriate to be used for drying the glass lenses. Though all these materials have a very soft touch on your skin these have textured surfaces that can cause very bad and extensive scratches over your lenses. This is why you need to pick the right piece of clothing for cleaning and wiping your Ray-Ban lenses. The ideal cloth for this purpose is pure cotton cloth. In fact, when you buy a pair of glasses, there is a smooth cotton cloth in the case.

Caution! Avoid using the tail of your shirt to clean the glass lenses. Many times the clothing is not 100% cotton and fibers of such fabric impart scratches on the lens surface of your eyeglasses and with time, these scratches become prominent, and eventually, the entire look of your Ray-Ban is tarnished. Besides, there is always some invisible little dirt on the clothing we wear, which does transfer the residue to your lenses.

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Grip Firmly and from the right Point

Picking up the glasses from the lenses or from the sticks is actually a wrong practice and is many a time responsible for out shape of eyewear. One must hold the frames by gripping that central bridge that crosses the bridge of the nose. This practice prevents your Ray-Ban frame from getting bent accidentally.

Besides, the bent glasses do not only look bad but also make one feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the way one sees out of the glasses is also affected negatively.

Keep your Ray-Ban at Safe Place while not in Use

When you are not wearing your Ray-Ban, it is best to keep them in a safe place! This way, you do not only protect your eyeglasses from dirt, dust, and scratches but also prevent them from getting bent or broken.

The best and safest place to keep the eyewear is obviously their cases. But handling big and bulky cases is problematic for some people, in that case, there are small, sleeker punches available too. These are microfiber pouches that one could keep at hi office desk or over the nightstand.

Caution! Even if you are placing your specs on your office desk without the case, be careful and make sure that you are not laying the glasses lens down touching the surface as it creates scratches.

Wash your Specs at Regular Intervals

You need to wash your glasses at least once a day to keep the lenses in their optimal state. If your glasses are not clean, your eyes would have to put more effort in order to strain and see through the smudges, dirt, and dust.

Pay Attention to your Specs’ Lenses Appearance

Keep inspecting the specs’ lenses from time to time and look closely for any remains of steaks or smudges and clean or wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth. You can get these microfiber or lint-free cloths easily at any optical shop or photography stores. Moreover, closed inspection lets you know about any minor damage and you could get it fixed in time.

The above-mentioned tips will efficiently help you to keep your expensive Ray-Ban glasses in top shape. Remember – no matter how iconic and outstanding eyewear you buy, you cannot pull it off if you do not handle and take care of it properly. Besides, you must also pay attention to the indication pointing out that it’s time for the new pair!