A logo for YouTube channels is not a mandatory element, but its presence makes the channel attractive, contributes to the growth of the number of subscribers, and also protects copyrights to various videos that are posted on the channel.

In modern times, there are many ways to make a unique logo that will match all trends. At the same time, this logo will actively advertise the YouTube channel since it will be possible to place it on various social networks with a link to the YouTube channel, which will contribute to the growth of the number of subscribers, which will lead to an increase in the channel’s indicators and will allow you to earn significantly more money from watching videos and advertising.

Why does a YouTube channel need a logo?

The YouTube channel logo plays a very important role. This is what potential subscribers will initially see in recommendations, on the YouTube channel page, in lists of related channels, comments, and other places.

At the same time, the logo should be bright and interesting enough and contribute to the fact that, after seeing it, YouTube users want to go to the channel and watch the videos that are located on it. If they liked the material they viewed, then in most cases, they will subscribe to it and will regularly watch the videos released, which will contribute to the growth of the number of active audiences and all thanks to the logo.

Logo by Izaz Mahammad

It is also worth considering that large channels in the future produce their products on which the channel logo is located, and the price of such products is often much higher than for an identical product without a logo. At the same time, people are willing to pay extra money for an original product with the logo of a YouTube channel that is popular with both them and their family or friends.

At the initial stage of the channel’s development, the logo should reflect its main idea, which will also contribute to increased interest in the channel, as well as show its further development path. At the same time, over time, it is possible to modernize the existing logo (rebrand), which will arouse increased interest among the audience and will increase interest in the channel, both among new and regular viewers.

Examples of famous YouTube channel logos


One of the most popular YouTube channels and the first to receive a Ruby Button. The channel has a fairly simple but memorable logo. Despite the fact that the channel has existed for a long time, its videos regularly collect a large number of views and all because of its content. An important role in the development of the channel was played by advertising (directly on YouTube), in which the channel logo was used.


The logo of the channel was directly the logo of the organization’s brand, which is familiar to many people outside the United States. With the help of a recognizable logo, as well as the promotion of the channel, he was able to gain a fairly large number of subscribers, and now the organization has received an additional platform with an audience that is directly interested in wrestling. With the help of the channel, upcoming events, films, and products of the company are advertised, while the organization saves large sums.


A children’s channel that also has a popular logo. At the same time, all videos on the channel have the appropriate logo, which allows copyright protection. Also, the presence of a logo in cartoons promotes brand advertising in cases when users have seen these cartoons or excerpts from them on other platforms.

How to make a logo for a YouTube channel

There are three ways to make a logo for a YouTube channel, namely:


This may require certain skills in special programs, as well as time to study current trends and time to create a logo directly. This method does not require a large number of financial costs. However, in most cases, the owners of the channel will not be completely satisfied with the result.

Order the development and creation of a logo from designers

This method will require a certain amount of money, which at the initial stage is better spent on advertising the channel. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact that the development and creation of a logo using this method will require a sufficiently large amount of time and various approvals, which to a certain extent will slow down the development of the channel at the initial stage.

Make a logo in special online logo generators

The easiest and fastest way to create a unique logo. Generators take into account all modern trends, while you can create several logos at once and then choose the most successful and interesting option. In the future, the logo can be modified independently, and at the initial stage, an existing version can be placed.


The YouTube channel logo is its business card, which attracts new subscribers, and also performs a large number of different functions. That is why it is necessary to make the highest demands on the creation of a logo. Choosing the right logo (creating it) will greatly simplify the development of the channel and also, in the future, will allow you to create your own brand that will allow you to earn money outside the Internet.