Waking up, taking a shower, and leaving for work after wearing your favorite scent. To stay fresh and smell fresh, you must want your perfume to last all day. Isn’t it annoying when the cologne wears off by lunchtime? Probably, you are wearing the perfume the wrong way and end up stinking by the day’s end.

A long-lasting perfume draws you into a world of calming scents, beauty, and peace that lingers with you all day and night. This guide highlights the trick of wearing the perfume the right way for a lasting experience.

What Type of Perfumes Last Longer?

Despite applying the right tricks, the perfume won’t last long if its strength is weak. The perfume’s strength decides how long it will stay on your skin. Concentrated or pure colognes are expensive and last longer than less-concentrated versions.

Here, the notes and their ingredients also play a crucial role in deciding the lasting performance. As you know, base notes hold onto the scent and soak in your skin. Volatile base notes will fade away quicker than non-volatile ones. Pay attention to the notes while buying perfume.

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Tips to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Here is how you make your perfume last longer;

Apply on Your Pulse Points:

Have you ever wondered why experts recommend applying perfume on areas like behind the ears, inside the elbow, wrist, or neck? That is because of the pulse points. 

These areas have thin skin and exude heat, making the scent smell stronger. Body heat intensifies the fragrance and amplifies and magnifies the scent. 

Apply Right After a Shower:

Applying perfume right after a shower helps pores soak up the scent for the day. After a shower, the body’s pores open and clean. Moreover, the body and skin temperature is high, which helps strengthen the scent. 

The skin pores are clean from excess oil, sweat, and other minerals, a plus point to intensify the cologne. The hydrated skin holds onto the fragrance.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated:

Hydration is the key to a healthy and shiny body and holding moisture, which makes a fragrance last longer. You don’t have to soak your body in water to hydrate the skin. Use body lotions, body oils, and balms to hold the fragrance.

After taking a shower:

  1. Dry your skin using a towel.
  2. Apply the body lotion of your choice to your choice of body parts.
  3. Apply perfume on pulse points and see the magic.

Don’t Rub Wrists Together:

Rubbing wrists together is a common mistake we all make at some point. There are two reasons why you should avoid rubbing your wrists together after applying perfume. 

First, rubbing wrists intermixes the notes and makes them dull. As a result, the scent fades away after a few minutes. Secondly, the notes mix with the body oil and the moisturizer you have applied. As a result, the scent doesn’t smell the way it smells.

Use Matched Scent Body Lotion:

Suppose you are wearing a woody-scented perfume but have applied a floral-scented body lotion. The cologne won’t only intermix but also fade eventually. Compliment the scent and make it last longer by wearing matched-scent body lotion and perfume. 

Don’t Shake Perfume Bottle:

You need to understand the difference between body spray and perfume. You can’t shake the perfume bottle as you do with body spray. Shaking the bottle will increase the acceleration of the compressed molecules, and when you spray the perfume, the scent evaporates instantly.

Keep the perfume bottle air-tight in a cool and dry place. Don’t replace the original bottle. As a result, the freshness will fade away.


Using these worth-working tips, you can increase the lifespan of your perfumes. First thing first, ensure you are buying the correct type of perfume. Store the bottle upright in a cool & dry place, and don’t shake the bottle. Moreover, never rub your wrist together.

If you are wearing the perfume with the best practice, get set ready to enjoy the most out of your signature scent.