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How your personality affects your health.

Whether you are the center of attraction at a party or a complete bookworm, your personality can lead you towards your food choices and exercise routines. Certain traits can drive you to have serious issues in the later stages of life.

In 1972, an experiment was conducted by scientists. They gave a choice to the kids around. A marshmallow to be given to them immediately or fifteen minutes later- but 2 marshmallows instead. The children who were willing to wait are the ones who would likely gain success in the future. If you express gratitude enough, you would turn out to be fitter. If you are struggling with weight loss, you are likely to be the one marshmallow kind. To eliminate temptations, don’t keep snacks in your pantry at all.

How your personality affects your health

Being open-headed:

How your personality affects your health.

People tend to be imaginative and curious, they have varied interests and like playing around with ideas. Some increase in this openness can reduce the risk of strokes to 31%, high BP by 29%, arthritis by 21% and heart issues by 17%. High time to loosen up, eh?


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Personality affects your health-When trying to lose weight, being self-centered is not wrong. People stuck on themselves will consider their own interests which will help them to make the choicest of decisions and will have strong willpower to make some healthy choices. People who end up helping overly to those around will end up feeling depleted as the day is about to end. You will end up choosing the wrong food for yourself. It’s okay to be selfish, thrive for what you want. Don’t be guilty about it.


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Your ability to tackle most random of situations detects your emotional stability. If you get excited often, you tend to be at your best when everything’s just right. You become more likely to reach out for food this way. Take hold over your emotional well-being and make use of the energy in the right direction. Try a hobby or maybe work-out.


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High stress levels can mar your health big time. Chronic stress can make your body less efficient to heal infections. A small increase in neuroticism can increase the odds of you having BP by 37% and heart conditions by 24%.


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People who don’t love themselves enough end up reacting very negatively when they do something wrong. People who are compassionate about themselves will move on and would make sure that they do not repeat the same mistake.  Being hard on yourself leads to overeating and you end up feeling very hopeless. If you are one of this kind, learn to forgive others and yourself too.

Excuses can also be a reason behind you not being able to lose weight correctly. Join a weight loss group, pay for the classes in advance, make friends at the gym or just accept your weight! Know that-

“Perfection is unattainable, but improvement is a glass of water and a flight of stairs away.”