Significance of Hugs In Your Relationship!


Not everyone is a pro when it comes to expressing one’s feelings to others. For such people, small gestures are a strong way of communication. A simple hug can mean a lot to them. Hugs indicate the level of intimacy in your relationship. Let us understand how a hug can play a significant role in your relationship.

When someone hugs you from behind, they want you to feel that you are in haven. They are protective of you and will do anything to make you feel safe.

It is one of the ways of saying those magical three words.  It is intimate, and they fall for you everytime they hug you. Though they are in love with you right now but they may move on as quickly as they fell.

This is kind of hug which is shared by two friends. This is scant hug and definitely not intimates. Hold no hope if another person hugs you like this. This embrace remains in friendship domain.

You both share a special connection with each other if you hug while looking into each other’s eyes. It is very gentle and affectionate hug.

This one is very formal kind of hug. You both don’t have a special bond and are together just for the sake of it. You need to build the warmth between you two.

People generally share a long hug when they want to show their support for another person. They want to be there for you when you are weakest.

It is a protective hug but hold no hope for a relationship. Other person care about you but as a friend.

When a man hugs you like this, he wants to mark his territory. It lacks patience and moving at a fast pace.

A sincere and romantic person share this hug if you are very special to them. He wants to make you feel special and take care of you. You should be assured of your future if you are with a person who hugs you strongly while stroking your back them.



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