Customers are a god. They should be provided best service. However, sometimes shopkeepers fail to meet the expectations.  They failed so bad that a refund is not enough. In these twenty-seven instances, the businesses offering the service should offer a refund, a complimentary trip to the spa and free counseling, while their owners should be subject to 10,000 hours of community service.

1. A facial treatment!

2. Business out of curiosity

3. Or, perhaps, she knew exactly what it was the entire time

4. They said trust your barber

5. A bad haircut can happen to anyone. Even to dogs!

6. Heartbreaking

7. One-size-fits-all sometimes can turn out to be one-size-fits-no one

8. A prom dress or Christmas gift wrapper?

9. Have our special burned crust!

10. A pizza without cheese!

11. Online shopping epic fail!

12. Sweet Kicks

13. They failed to mention the sizes were for dolls

14. Online shopping epic fail(part 2)!

15. Ready for a Benedictine monastery

16. Thanks for judging!

17.  I can perform a Caesarean section on it

18. New carpet for your dollhouse!

19. Have a dusty sandwich!

20. Every coin has two sides!


21. Honey, I shrunk the entertainment center

22. Long Cheetos anyone?

23. Looks great on the cat, to be frank

24. Can’t imagine amount of efforts they had to put

25. A salute to the person who can fix this haircut!

26. Can I have a shoe full of nuggets?

27. I could have never figured it out!