In the Diagnostic nomenclature, addiction is classified as a mental illness. Addiction comes along with substantial health, social and economic discrepancies. To some extent, people suffering from addiction have a detachment from reality. Personality disorders are common in people suffering from addiction because they are willing to break social rules to satisfy their addiction needs.

The negative health impact that comes along with substance addiction is what certifies addiction as an illness. Despite addiction having social and health problems, addicted people tend to always abuse the substance to feel perfect. Here are some of the instances that prove addiction is an illness.

Health Consequences from Substance Addiction

The health consequences of addiction depend on the substance under abuse. While some effects are mild, most of them are detrimental to one’s health. Here is an overview of the health hazards that are likely to face someone who abuses substances. As stated here, Detoxify XXtra Clean detox drink can help, but one needs to stop taking the substance first if proper cleansing of the blood is to occur.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a common addictive substance that has affected a large number of people across the world. For those taking optimum amounts, it cannot harm them but for those who take it frequently and in large amounts, even their liver enzymes get compromised. Addiction to alcohol is normally accompanied by health problems such as liver cirrhosis, kidney problems, and stomach ulcers.

Alcoholics also tend to eat very little food creating a nutritional deficiency to their bodies. The withdrawal syndrome from the abuse of alcohol forces addicts to always seek for alcohol to remain in good feeling. As people consume alcohol daily, their body’s biological integrity is compromised and as a result, their life expectancy is lower than those who don’t abuse alcohol.

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Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking

Tobacco has been underrated as an addictive stimulant for a very long time. The impact people see is discoloration of teeth but the damage goes beyond that discoloration. Tobacco contains an active substance called nicotine. Nicotine gets in the blood and is transferred to the peripheral blood vessels where it reduces the elasticity of these vessels. The vessels stiffen up and cause a rise in blood pressure. A rise in blood pressure is normally the start of cardiovascular diseases.

Marijuana is another strong addictive substance. It is a narcotic that has been legalized by many countries and people even take it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana directly impacts the brain and changes certain aspects like memory, learning, attention, and decision making. People who stop using it cannot function appropriately until they take a puff of it.

For expectant women, it has always led to the giving birth of underweight babies. Even the babies who are born by marijuana smoking mothers tend to develop memory issues, coordination issues, and mental health-related issues. All forms of smoking increase the risk of lung cancer.

Mental Health Problems and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse induced psychosis is very common in people who abuse substances. Depending on the substance under abuse, people normally exhibit various types of mental health symptoms. Take note that addiction is not the only cause of psychosis but it precipitates psychotic problems. Below are some of the common substance-induced Psychotic disorders.


These are false visions or sounds perceived by the drug addict and they normally compromise the way the person functions. In hallucinations, people are harmful to themselves and others so they need extreme monitoring. Hallucinations and delusions are common in people who abuse methamphetamine. Marijuana smoking also precipitates hallucinations and the person may shout things that normal people don’t see or hear in the real world.


Depression is a mood disorder that presents itself in either an elevated or lowered manner. This is normally called bipolar disorder. When the person’s mood is elevated, they tend to be euphoric feeling good for no reason. Some of these people even laugh on their own. When the mood is lowered, they tend to have lost interest, appear to have lost hope, anxious, and are always alone.

Some of the substances that can cause depression include alcohol abuse, heroin abuse, and other opioids. Such people require rehab because they can have suicidal attempts at any time. Even stopping the abuse of these substances could lead to withdrawal syndromes which is difficult to manage at home.


This is what is termed as madness. People suffering from this condition have detached from reality and perceive things in the wrong way throughout. It has a myriad of symptoms including suicidal ideation, hallucinations, grandiosity, delusions, and wrong perceptions. Although substance abuse is not a chief cause, it can precipitate the occurrence of this condition. Heroin, cocaine, and other opioids are chief causes of this condition.

Social Impact of Drug Addiction

Anything that compromises the way you associate with people, work, or talk should be termed a disease. Substance addiction is normally a precipitator of plenty of mental issues that yield social and behavioral deficits.

Besides facing stigma from people, addicted people lose trust from their closest people. Owing to the mental compromise that addicted people face, it becomes a problem for employers to keep them at their job posts. As a result, many addicts are fired before they bring down company productivity. Loss of job not only affects the addicted person but also the dependents.


Addiction is a disease that not only compromises the person’s health and behavior but also the people surrounding him or her. As many people view addiction as more of a social problem than a health problem, they should understand the health impact behind that comes with addiction.

The fact that addiction requires pharmacological treatment certifies the condition as a disease. Some doctors even specialize in this field of rehabilitation to treat addiction problems. Before you turn to Detoxify XXtra Clean cleansing drink, it is important to stop abusing the substance so that you give your body time to recover from the substance and its effects.