Most brands that have sample visual content to share count on Instagram for maximizing their social media presence. The 2020 social media scene makes sufficient room for Instagram videos, which helps in increased user engagement and more sales.

However, it isn’t enough to shoot, edit, and share the videos. Instead, there are specific guidelines that will help brands and business owners to increase Instagram views on their views. Some of the essential tactics are as follows:

Concentrate on Instagram video marketing

One of the major why most organizations are aiming for Instagram views is brand visibility. Instagram is one of the ideal platforms for people to get discovered. Hence, brands need to ensure that they are in the correct place. Also, the researchers have found that people who wish to purchase a brand, initially check the social media profiles other than their websites. Hence, social media videos have proven to be more engaging and useful instead of photos.

Several instances suggest the way people identify with video content. For example, when you post time-lapse videos for the artworks can result in organizations using videos to share about their products. It can help business owners gather more customers for their business. You can use services like Socialfox for Instagram stories analytics to check how your marketing strategies are performing.

Also, Instagram is evolving to enhance its video features so that it helps business users to gain maximum views. There’s plenty of changes happening to improve Instagram videos, for instance, co-watching that you can use for maximizing views. Hence, it’s always better to concentrate on video views.

Choose the correct video dimension

Often business users make use of videos without knowing the right video size and its impact to get increased views. You need to choose the apt video size. There are three video types to choose from, which include the landscape, vertical, and square video size. Usually, the square and vertical videos get increased views and engagement in comparison to the landscape videos on Instagram. The video format is essential to get increased comments and likes.

Are you wondering why the video size can maximize your audience reach? First and foremost, mobile Instagram users are 75% more as compared to the users who use the desktop version. Watching a video comfortably from mobile is essential. People also have the chance to publish vertical and square videos without any black borders. Hence, it can fill in space on the mobile screen and allows the user to watch it comfortably. On the other hand, a landscape video isn’t apt for Instagram. Instead, you can use it for YouTube, blogs, websites, and TV advertisements.

Secondly, the place for video posts are different, i.e. stories or feeds. Hence, it’s a smart call to opt-in for a format based on the space where you intend to publish the video. The moment you post a video on feeds, it is essential to maintain the square size. For Instagram stories, the vertical dimension is the best choice.

Make sure you share your videos at the correct time

When you post the video at the right time, you are bound to get an increased audience. The opposite is also true. However, there are various other factors you need to consider, for instance, the ideal days of the week for posting. Based on the latest research and analytics, the ideal time to share Instagram videos is between 10 am and 5 pm. It is when most people check their accounts from both their mobile devices and Smartphone devices.

Also, it would be best if you kept an eye on the audience. The correct use of analytics helps you to check the countries the users belong to. This analysis enables you to plan the video posting time. You can also resort to your mobile and check the time frame for each country. That way you can decide on the best time to post. Also, when it comes to weekdays Wednesday to Friday are ideal times for video posts as it generates more user engagements.

Make use of the best hashtags

Making use of hashtags is one of the ideal ways to get increased views. You need to know the hashtags that are relevant for your video. That will impact the followers and viewers you gather for a particular video post. You also need to add the hashtag in the bio link, the print ads, receipts, and other spaces where you have the business name. You can make use of the search button to have a look at the smart hashtags to use. It would be best if you weren’t creating hashtags that are too long. If you want to create the best hashtag on Instagram, you need to:

  • Place a #towards the text end
  • Write all words without any space
  • Use as many as 30 hashtags but use only 5 to 6 hashtags for every post

Make use of the Instagram bot increased views

Today, you can make use of Instagram bots to maximize the real views. The people today want to see videos which several other people have already viewed. Keeping in mind the average mindset, when an online user sees that more people have viewed a video, they would get encouraged to view it as well. Most people want to know why this video is so popular. Making use of Instagram robots, you can maximize the real video likes, views, and comments.

You need to engage with users to boost video views. You can check their profiles, comments, and likes and connect. It will encourage them to connect back to you. Businesses might find it a time-consuming process to locate comments, views, and interact. The bots can get this done easily for your business through the Instagram bots. It helps you have access to real video views. It saves you time and helps you to attain your goals accordingly.

There are also other options to buy Instagram views and likes! It helps others to think positively about your video. They think that this video will have something for them to check and solve their issues. You can use a combination of video promotion tacks and purchase Instagram views and likes for your videos. It will help you to promote your business better.