Many people believe that purchasing car insurance is a complex task. However, it’s not. If you remember the essential things listed in this article, you will be able to purchase the best car insurance with ease.

Which cover is compulsory?

As per the Government of India, it’s mandatory for everyone to get insurance which covers third party liability. Third-party liability insurance, also known as third party insurance is the most basic form of protection. It is the type of car insurance if you are looking for affordability. However, if you are looking for maximum protection, it is best you opt for a comprehensive plan with add-on instead. Additionally, though it’s not compulsory, you may also want to get a premium car warranty to broaden your choices of service centers where you can get your car fixed.

The best car insurance

As per the advice of professionals, the best private car insurance is the one that gives the insured maximum coverage at the lowest premium. This cover is known as ‘‘comprehensive private car insurance’’. This helps the insured to receive overall financial protection against damage costs and third party claims (which can be really high in the absence of insurance).

Take the online route & get the best private car insurance

In order to get the best deal on private car insurance, you must do a thorough research which has become easier with online methods. You can easily evaluate and compare car insurance quotes online from different insurance companies in India. The online way is the easiest way to compare, evaluate, and select the best deal on private car insurance as per your requirements.

The essential features of the best private car insurance are

More network garages the better: It ensures you get easy access to cashless claims in case your car requires repairs after an accident or theft, etc.

Free treatment from an empanelled group of hospitals: If you need hospital care after an accident, this feature can be extremely useful.

Get your car repaired for free from the authorized network of garages as mentioned by the insurance company.

Receive periodic discounts for no claim bonus, good driving record, decent credit history and other criteria as specified by your insurance company

Get 24-hour assistance: This refers to two things. Firstly, you should receive round the clock customer care services. Also, some of the best car insurance plans will offer an add-on for roadside assistance that provide you 24*7 mechanical assistance in case of breakdown, or any other mechanical failure of your car. Even if you have a flat tire in the middle of the night, just ring up the insurance and they will send help your way!

Claim settlement ratio: It is also important you look for a car insurance provider with a good claim settlement ratio (CSR). CSR is the number of claims an insurer successfully settles per 100 claims it receives. An insurer with a higher claim settlement ratio is more likely to settle your claim than one with a lower CSR.

Some companies even offer discounts for a particular age group & profession.

I hope these pointers help you find the best car insurance out there. Good luck and all the best – drive safely and always wear your seat belt!