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Why would someone need such a program? Well, if you are an active social media user, you probably know that you can easily check out who has viewed your story both on Instagram and Facebook. In case you didn’t know it, follow these simple instructions, and you’ll see your viewers’ list. So, the list of viewers is open information any account owner can receive at any moment.

But what if you don’t want to show your interest? For example, you like a guy and don’t want him to know about it. Or maybe you would like to know how your ex is doing without them knowing. Another important reason for anonymity is your parental control. If your kid sees you among the viewers, they will stop acting naturally, and you’ll never know what is going on in their life.

So, you can have plenty of reasons to stay anonymous while watching Insta stories, but what about the means? As we know, demand creates the offer, so there are multiple programs developed for this purpose. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable, and some apps can’t prevent showing you in the Instagram story viewer’s list. That’s why we prepare some recommendations about proven tools you can use.

Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously | Glassagram

This reliable tool is developed to view Instagram stories without being displayed in the viewer’s list. So, if you want to stay updated about your loved ones’ interests and contacts, you can track their Instagram online activity. A simple program will show their favorite accounts, a list of friends, and persons they follow. For some people, this information can be enough.

So if you want to have an opportunity to watch stories without leaving a trace, we recommend using Glassagram.

Benefits of Glassagram Story Viewer & Viewer

The first benefit, making this program stand out among similar software, is the simplicity of installation. Register your account and choose a pricing plan; in five minutes, you’ll receive detailed instructions on installation. You’ll need just a couple of minutes and a few taps on the screen to have this app installed.

After that, you’ll get access to all stories the target person posts, even the hidden ones. You can also view the comments, likes, and reactions. The owner of the account you are spying on will have no idea of your interest.

You will be able to see direct messages and deleted stories as well. In other words, this program will provide you with a full picture of the account of interest. “Now, I can’t make sense of viewers’ sorting. Why is this person on the top of the list, and another is at the bottom?” said one Reddit user. With Glassagram, you’ll never have such a problem. You’ll see the most active viewers and the accounts your loved one is interested in.

Features of Instagram Viewer

This software provides multiple valuable options if you want to receive detailed information about someone else’s account.

  1. You don’t need to have an Instagram app or account to use Glassagram; this program is completely independent. After creating an account, you’ll get the required data in your dashboard.
  2. The program will show you the information even if the profile you want to check is on private mode. It’s not an obstacle for Glassagram.
  3. It’s safe and secure. The account owner will never find out about your interest. Moreover, no other third party will get access to your information.
  4. It’s compatible with the majority of modern Android devices.
  5. The demo version is available, so you can try the functionality to ensure the program suits your needs. It will also help select a subscription in the future.
  6. If you have any difficulties with installation or usage, you can contact the support service. It’s available 24/7, and experienced specialists will be happy to help.
  7. Full anonymity while viewing someone’s stories. This person won’t see you among viewers and can’t find out about your monitoring.

This impressive list of functions makes Glassagram one of the best tools for an Instagram spy. You’ll get an unimaginable amount of information just by copying the account name and pasting it into the special form.

Search Everything

In case you still have questions, we decided to clear some moments regarding the usage of this tool. If you are interested in the offered functionality and want to use this program, you can always contact their customer support or search for information on the official site.

Is It Possible to Use the Tool as a Desktop Viewer?

You can log into your account and watch the stories on any device with an Internet connection. In order to do this, open the official site in your favorite browser and log into your account. You’ll see all the required information in the convenient and well-organized dashboard.

Moreover, you can try the service without registration. Just type the account’s name in the special form and press “Watch now.” You can watch the stories in no time, and Instagram algorithms can’t detect you as a viewer.

You Can View Stories, Posts and Videos Anonymously, Without Logging In

The anonymous story viewer is available on the official website. This function doesn’t require account registration or logging in. All you need to know is the account name or link to this profile. This option allows viewing videos, posts, and stories without being caught.

How to Watch Instagram and Stories Anonymously with Glassagram (

You can get easy and free access to the content of any Instagram account by using a free demo of Glassagram. Visit the official site and test the browser version of the Instagram viewer. If you want to use this tool for parental control, you’ll have to install the spying app on the device you want to track.

This way of using Glassagram will give you a whole new level of spying: you’ll be able to see the direct messages and view all the deleted and private content. The number of available functions depends on the pricing plan you choose. It’s really convenient; there is no need to overpay for options you don’t use.

Where Can I View Instagram Story Downloads on a Smartphone?

You can easily download photos and videos from the account you watch anonymously. Just press an arrow button near the desired file, and it will be saved on your device. This way, you can enjoy the stories of your secret crush more and more or collect data for further analysis.

Why Use an Anonymous Story Viewer for Instagram?

In the digital world, it’s hard to stay anonymous, but sometimes it’s really necessary. The main reason for watching Instagram profiles without being noticed is a desire to keep the child safe. It can also be handy if you are jealous of your partner or suspect cheating. Or maybe you just don’t want to demonstrate your interest in the current stage of your relationships.

Summing Up

This article presented a professional tool for spying on Instagram activity or watching content without being recognized. Glassagram is a real treasure with enormous potential and broad functionality. Try a free demo version to make up your mind if you still have doubts. We are sure you’ll love the opportunity to gather all the information about a person you are interested in.