Judgement of Your Health From Your Walking Styles


Judge your health by walking styles-The act of walking is the complicated process. Our act of walking has wired with the skeletal and nervous system of our body. However, as this process is straightforward, so we do not understand that how the complex system of our body is responsible for our walking process.

Judge your health by walking styles

Judge your health by walking styles

There are many beliefs that are associated with one’s body posture and walking style. The style of your walking, the attention, and predominations of your walking all reflect your personality.

Here we have the list of seven walking styles that indicate your health condition. Your walking style speaks about your health and personality, and state of your mind. Let us have a look at them.

1. Springing gait

The women look too sexy when wearing high heels. Because of the thick calves, the women who wear high heels walk springingly. Similarly, others also can develop stiff calves muscles which do not stretch out after walking. These muscles cause spring-like motion in your walk. You are at the risk of an ankle or knee injury if you do not correct it.

I advise you to do some good stretches to make your calves much flexible. You need to avoid wearing heels and uncomfortable footwears for the longer duration.

2. You would put smaller steps

If your knees are healthy then when you put your foot step forward they would ideally straighten. The person is unable to do so when suffering from a knee injury so that the steps will become smaller. When you put smaller steps, it means that either you are suffering any problem in hip joints or knee joints. If you neglect this situation, it can lead to back pain. Consult your physician now to avoid the complications in future. So you should visit your doctor as earlier as possible.

3. You walk at a snail pace

You can plan your activity when a person is going through a low phase which you can observe from his stride. The person is going through depression if the person has a constrained movement of arms with small steps and vertical motion of the head.

4. You slap the foot while walking

The persons who walk by slapping their feet may be suffering from a pinched nerve, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and back or muscle problem. The people suffering from these show similar traits in their walking style. Instead of putting their footstep forward gently, they slap their feet. It indicates that person is suffering from the muscular problems.

5. You lean while walking

It does not mean that if the person leans down the staircase that he or she may be an alcoholic. You would not consider any such person as an alcoholic. Here, you may be wrong. The person may have suffered a head injury, and because of dizziness, he or she may be unable to balance itself. When he goes up or down to the stairs, it makes him lean to one side.

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6. You have stiff hands

Your leg and hand movements synchronise when you have a healthy body. Your right-hand works as a stabiliser and move forward when you put your left leg forward. Sometimes with some persons, it does not happen, So you need to visit your doctor if the amplitude of the arm swing is smaller. We would have seen some people whose arm’s movements do not match with their leg’s. So they may be suffering from a neurological or an orthopaedic problem.

7. You have limp and knocked knees

We usually put our weight on the one leg. However, if you get injured on either of one leg, then you can not put your weight to the other. Similarly, if the person has arthritis, he or she would avoid putting their pressure on the one leg. If you do so, it results in limping. In such case, the chances of knees getting locked are very high. So be careful and save your self from falling.

It does not mean that you need to take care of every footstep you put forward. Your walking style indicates your health conditions that you may already know.