Some Pictures Of Toys That Went Incredibly Wrong


Funny pictures of toys-Well, no one is perfect in any work, and human beings are responsible for making mistakes. We mess up many things while trying to bring the ideal stuff out of creativity. Think about the person going to eat the jelly sandwich but then he finds that there is no jam on the peanut butter and the lunch. It is a bigger mess if you will forget your spouse’s birthday. But then we tend to forgive them after some time because these things will not ruin your life.

If a company makes a mistake, it becomes hard for us to forget it. For some time these all things can make us angry, but then we tend to laugh at them. Similarly here we bring you the 16 pictures of the toys where something went wrong incredibly.

Here are some funny pictures of toys

Power Ranger Batman

Look at funny pictures of toys

For someone who is the big fan of the movie Power Rangers will find out the wrong thing in the photo. It is because there was no Batman in any part of the series of the movie Power Rangers Universe. But the price of the toy was $2.99.

Space Boys

According to Imgur, the toy is of Ukraine. Well, we can imagine once in our mind that the toy is of Woody the primary character of the movie The Toy Story 3. But the shopkeeper or the creator makes us fool by claiming it as a space boy. Also, how can Woody hands be significant according to his size?

Winnie the Pooh

Well, if you will remember your Winnie the Pooh even in your dreams then also you will never find him in such a way. It seems the stuff is of some animal sitting on the chair. It looks quite frightening to us. And we can never understand how someone can claim that it is a Pooh.


Well, we can say that Superman and the Batman are the two primary characters of the DC Universe. But how you can say that they both are the same man. But we can never stop the creator to stop putting the action of Superman’s figure in the wrong package.

Strange Eyes

Well, one of us can bring one of these two stuff from the market, but then we are sure that it can scare any small child with these strange and frightening eyes.

Pink Minions

Well, I fell in love with the minions in the very first show film of them, Despicable Me. And after that everyone knows that they are trendy in that they created their movie and how can we forget that they are yellow. But not everyone but the creators themselves messed up with the toy.

Mario Mouse

We cannot find that was in the mind of the creator, but we can get a clue that the above toy is the mixture of the Mickey Mouse and the Mario mouse. The creator might be planning to mess up with the minds of the people, and they might make sure it for at least four to five times before buying it.

Buzz Avengers

Well, after seeing this we will conclude that many people were missing in the avenger film and hence we can find them here in the comics. But after that, we can only say that the Buzz Lightyear was not among them because Buzz is the part of the Toy Story and hence can never be the part of the Avenger Story.


We cannot conclude that how many people look at the packing of the toys or either they do not even look at them. We can say that there are not many among them. After seeing these toys, we will give the name transformers, not the “FransTomers”.

Alien Balloons


When the creator thought of blowing the balloons then he thought that they might look like that of the image on the packet. But with the face of the alien, he might expect printed onto an area that doesn’t expand when the balloon is blown up. Hope you have loved the funny pictures of toys.