Things are getting more and more annoying day by day.


Annoying things-In this world of consumerism, the quality of the product has degraded considerably. Companies are competing against each other to sell the world their products, to earn a lot from a little. With the increase in population, there is a chase for anything and everything that is available to us, even if the product sold to us do not serve us its real purpose.

The companies with their empty promises give us ultimately close to nothing, and sadly that is what our lives are turning into all about it.

Most annoying things about modern life

 1. Even nature is manipulated to give you this

Most annoying things about modern life

 2. Raise your hand if you are as confused as I am.


 3. I am hoping the CEO of this company was sentenced to life imprisonment for this.

4. A bath in bacteria. Five stars for this hotel.


5. I am sure the product designer has an extraordinarily sharp vision.

6. ‘Do not fold’ it said (in bold).

7. # Annoying Things in life that can never stop irritating you out of your mind.

8. I wonder who are selling these products?

 9. All that the toe has to endure because of this.

10. Dr. Pepper gives you false hope in the name of orange juice.

 11. The advertisement is the mother of liars.

12. You pay to buy plastic rather than chocolates.

13. Sandwich or Cheatwich, debatable.

14. Printing books on glossy paper only give a better feel. That’s it.

15. Did no one tell you, that printing ink is not free?

16. That one blue bead is the real mood killer.

17.  Wet hands and tissue do not go hand in hand.

18. When the sock comes with a hole for your big toe.

19. Put all your effort, son. Maybe next time it’ll be better than this.

20. Glasses can be a real pain at times.

21.When you get half of the actual order.

22. Tell me its just as annoying for you as it is for me to simply look at this picture.

23. You might as well break these bar handles and throw it away.

24. How has this not given you a headache yet?

25. Did you that sandwich means bread?

26. Sorry to burst your bubble but you can’t the level of disgust by just sauce.

27. A wet spot on a chilly day?  Simply disappointing.

 28. When the car doesn’t move. It’s cause it is parked.

29. Did you think its a flavored candy? You fool!


30. Here is a lesson that shows you must always look close.