Places In Tokyo For Your Romantic Getaway


Most romantic places in tokyo-Tokyo is one of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit with your significant other. Blooming sakura trees, wonderful rivers, and spectacular views – this is everything you get when visiting this Oriental paradise.

And what can be better than being in Japan? Only sharing your deepest dreams and emotion with the person you truly love and admire. How will your romantic getaway look like? Choose your perfect plot together with russian girl dating, according to this list:

Most romantic places in tokyo

Chocolate day in Shibuya

Most romantic places in tokyo

Japanese people like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. During this day, it is customary to give chocolate to your lover. It is considered very romantic if the girl makes chocolate for her boyfriend at home, but this works both ways. If a girl gives chocolate to a guy she does not go out with, it symbolizes a declaration of love. This chocolate is called “hong-mei”. You can buy it at local stores of Shibuya, but not only during celebration of this wonderful holiday. Be a romantic and invite your significant other for a cup of coffee with Tokyo chocolate on the nosiest and most fun street of Japan! Romantic things to do in Tokyo always include sweets and kisses.

Tokyo Bay

Probably, Tokyo Bay takes the first position in our list, presenting an incredible beauty bit of nature, situated near one of the most developed and modern cities in the world. It will be interesting to go on an evening cruise on the bay. Its waters are decorated with nocturnal lights that shine every time a boat with an oar cross by, or even a late swimmer as well. Because of this effect, and due to the lights of the city displayed in its waters, the Tokyo Bay overflows and sparkles at night, leaving an indelible impression of a miracle.

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Orchid festival

In the language of flowers, an orchid symbolizes a lot: love, perfection, beauty, the search for an infinite lover. Couples, who decided to go on a romantic trip to Tokyo in the second half of February, can be lucky enough to visit the Japanese Orchid Festival, which became international.

The festival is a spectacular event and one of the most romantic places in Tokyo, because there are more than one hundred thousand varieties of this flower: big bright tropical orchids, graceful Japanese orchids, and many others. Individual species, as well as unimaginable flower compositions are equally as beautiful. You can take romantic photos in front of these luxurious flowers. It will be very impressive.

Shopping spree in Shibuya

One of the mandatory ideas of a perfect date for Japanese people is joint shopping. Shibuya is a district of inexpensive shops where you can buy really fashionable things. But in Shinjuku clothes and other accessories will be more expensive. In the same area, as well as in Ginza, there are the largest Tokyo department stores Isatan, Matsudzakaya, Mitsukoshi, Matsuya, Keio. By the way, sales in Japan are all year round. Tokyo romantic things to do in Japan include shopping, ask any resident!

Romantic and beautiful hotels

Going to a romantic trip to Tokyo, you need to accept the fact that most romantic restaurants in Tokyo are not cheap. One of the most inexpensive hotels is Andon Ryokan, as well as the APA Hotel Ginza Kyobashi.

One of the most expensive one is Hotel Okura Tokyo. As for the question of where to eat, Tokyo offers many options. You can simply eat street food, enjoying tasty takoyaki – traditional Japanese food. Of course, it will be a crime to visit Japan and not try real sushi.

You can do this in many places. For example, visit the Sushi Mizutani restaurant or Sushi Dai sushi bar. Romantic hotels Tokyo can be substituted with a love hotel – a perfect place to make love and enjoy each other’s company!