Riga is like a treasure chest. The charm of the Old Town, cozy medieval restaurants, the flavor of ruddy pancakes in Lido, the endless Daugava, the bewitching brilliance of amber – sincerely, captivating, and somehow at home warm. By the way, you should not assume that only antiquity is charming here. The city has many modern monuments, cool street culture and there are places for elite relaxation, for example, the best casinos in Riga.

Wander around the old town

The streets of Old Riga have a magical atmosphere. Neatly paved paths, cozy squares, ancient churches, a wonderful mixture of architectural styles. The old town is easy to get around in half a day. We advise you to take a tour to listen to legends and find all the sights along the way. We went to Riga more than once – even after that, the tour with the guide seemed unusual. Be sure to walk around the Old Town and at your own pace. Sit in old cafes, view miniature sculptures, admire the cathedrals and medieval buildings.

Take pictures of the magical night streets

Staying up at night in cozy Riga restaurants, go for a walk! Look for magic at dusk, when the sun has just set and the sky is still bright, but lanterns have already lit on the streets! Look for magical houses and huge stars on the streets of Mazā Jauniela and Kaļķu iela.

Spend a luxurious evening at the casino

One of the best establishments is located in the center of the Old Town. The Grand Hotel Kempinski houses SL Casino, a unit of the famous chain of Michael Boettcher’s Storm International. The place will appeal to fans of discreet luxury. Here you can play, and have dinner, and even get to the prize draw. According to the managing director of Storm International, Darren Keane, the place was decorated in a VIP style in accordance with high European requirements.

Climb to the observation deck

Look at the capital of Latvia from above – it’s magical! The web is full of lists of Riga’s “best” viewing platforms. We advise you to leave the goal to rise for each: one will be enough because from the rest you will not see anything new. An inspiring view of the city opens from St. Peter’s Church. Viewing height – 72 meters. The old town is at a glance, and in sunny weather the Riga hydroelectric power station and the sea are visible.

The observation deck in the building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences is called Panorama Riga – this is another excellent option. You can’t make out the old city in detail, but here you can see the main sights of Riga.

Enjoy organ concert

In the evening in Riga there is also something to do. Be sure to visit the Dome Cathedral, even if you are far from religion. Its strength is not in lace and graceful sculptures. It is famous for its clear proportions, clear massive volumes, strict features. The ascetic interior of the cathedral is adorned with amazing stained glass windows and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For his sake, tourists even especially come to Latvia.

A musical instrument in the Riga Dome Cathedral is one of the five largest organs in the world. At concerts, it seems that a whole orchestra performs, although music pours from under the fingers of one person.

Go to Jurmala

Are you going to Riga for a week? Then set aside a free day in Jurmala, which is about half an hour to drive to. The city saw thousands of vacationers, won the hearts of romantics and famous personalities, hosted dozens of festivals. Take a walk along the seaside, find observation decks, get into the skin of a walrus, and swim in the Baltic Sea. Jurmala captivates with a measured life and green comfort. From the purity of air, dizzy, and the surrounding houses seem to invite you to settle on the terrace with a cup of tea. Indescribable feelings!

See green Latvia

50 km from Riga, surrounded by greenery, a cozy green town of Sigulda was hidden. This is the “other” Latvia – you will not see this either in the center of the capital or in Jurmala. A picturesque corner with its own legends, riddles, and a wonderful atmosphere. Sigulda is located in the Gauja National Park – the largest and oldest in Latvia. Hiking trails along forest paths, cable cars across the river, ancient estates and castles … If you didn’t come to Riga for 1-2 days, take the time to travel to Sigulda and you won’t regret it.

You can get to Sigulda from Riga yourself from the bus station by bus or from the central railway station by train.