Excellent Red Wines

When we know the basic food and wine pairing, we create some pairing on our own. Our own creativity will just hit us after gaining the basic information about the pairing. But, in some factors, we are unaware of what we are holding.

We question ourselves what we will do in this red wine we just purchased. Yes, we have the idea that it’s a perfect companion for dinner.

But, we don’t really know what to pair with it.

Before pouring your red wine into a glass, you should know the basic food and wine pairing. Who wouldn’t want a perfect meal or a perfect date? The proper pairing tips below will let you have that.

Pinot Noir

It is a light wine thought, but Pinot Noir is a great companion for meat dishes and heartier fish. Some wine enthusiasts love to pair it with salmon.

Such perfect meats companion include sausage, chicken, and filet mignon. You can also pair it with some seafood such as ahi tuna.

The role of Pinot Noir doesn’t end that way. When it comes to fruits, veggies, and desserts, the wine is so functional, making your meal more memorable.

For veggies and fruits, you can accompany it with figs, mushrooms, dried fruits, and strawberries. For desserts, white chocolate and creme brulee will maximize the table.


Syrah is one of the leading wine varietals around the globe. You may hear it wherever you go, especially in wine merchants. Syrah is a big red wine which often exudes pepper on the finish.

Its main components are herbs, fruits, and balanced spice. What to pair with it? Let’s start with cheese. Sharp cheddar and Roquefort are the cheeses that perfectly fit for Syrah.

When it comes to meat and poultry, roasted game, spicy sausage, and pepperoni would be its great companions. Don’t be worried, though. You can just choose one or two out from it.

This is the essential thing you should remember in drinking Syrah: do not pair it with lighter dishes. What I mean is, do not accompany it with oysters, fish, and shrimp.

Cabernet Sauvignon

If you are considering this red wine as part of your ideal date or meal, you made the right decision. Cabernet Sauvignon is considered to be the King in the US and in many parts of the world.

Not just Americans but, Eastern people also love Cabernet because of its bold tannins and fruity flavor. Pair it with beef stew, venison, rib eye, or grilled ahi tuna and see why do Americans love this.

You can also pair it with cheeses and nuts like cheddar, gorgonzola, and walnuts. If you are a vegetarian type of drinker, no worries pair it with black cherries, tomatoes, and broccoli.


You may hear it somewhere in Italy. During your lunch or dinner in the restaurant or in a pizza place. Usually, Barbera is the common wine serve in Italian restaurants.

Barbera’s low tannins and its firm acidity make it a perfect for fatty foods like salamis and cheeses. It also goes well with tomato-based dishes.


For those who like hearty and rustic dishes, make your meal more likable just by adding Grenache wine. The wine is a bold, fruity, and alcoholic drink best for summer holidays.

Some of the notable dishes that go well with this wine are Succulent braised venison and two-part pheasant.


Sangiovese is widely known in Italy. It is a variety of Tuscan red wine and the heart of Brunello di Montalcino. It partners well with pasta with rich and meat sauces or a pepperoni pizza.

You can also try it with fennel seed bolognese, roasted pepper sauce, or pappardelle with sausage. The price ranges from £4.99 to £100+, but it will guarantee you to have the best meal you could ever have.


Because of its long history in California, there has been a campaign regarding this wine. The campaign has a goal to declare Zinfandel, aka Zin as the state’s historic wine.

The medium to full-bodied wine has red and black plums taste with vanilla and coconut aroma.

Try this historical wine with devilled mushrooms, succulent braised venison, or cream of cauliflower soup with sautèed wild mushrooms.


Letting yourself aware of what to do with your purchased wine is basically an essential factor. Being aware of the basic food and red wine pairing is a must. You should have knowledge with this before pouring your glass.

The basic tips above are your starting point to create your pairing soon. If we know how to budget for our ideal red wines, we should also know the basic pairing.

Red wine selection always matters. Don’t just focus on what would be the suited food for a particular wine. Always mine the proper selection of red wine. Select the right red wine, get the suited food, and you will have a picture-perfect meal.

Author’s Bio:

Scarlett Wells is also an expert in the food industry. Her expertise and skills about food and beverage pairing have helped her in becoming an effective mentor inspiring everyone to maintain a fit and fab lifestyle.