You cannot replace experience, no matter how hard you try. Confidence is something that you acquire through time and it translates into how you behave, which in the end makes you a stronger business person. However, we all have to start at first base. There are ways for a young president or someone new to this high-level job, to look the part. Here are some tips that will help you.

Dress Appropriately

Some people imagine that company presidents always dressed up in suits and wear a tie. However, that dates back to a few decades ago. It is not the norm today, in a time when being at the top of a firm means having more freedom; not being restricted to a dress code. If there is no one way to dress, then how can you make sure the clothes you wear will make you look right in your role?

Quality is of main importance. For example, if you want to wear fur, it has to be the real thing. Mens fur coat can indicate a higher status, but only if it is real fur. Otherwise, you may look like a wannabe, instead of a president. This is also true of a suit or even a shirt and pants. Only go for high-quality clothes, or else the people you meet will automatically notice the difference.

You also need to look comfortable in what you wear. If you decide to wear a suit (which is perfectly fine), it has to fit you like a glove. People need to think that you love suits so much, you could sleep in them. There are some people that only wear them because they feel stronger dressed that way, and it shows through when you meet them in person. If it is not your case: Wear something else.

Choose the Right Accessories

“Accessories” is not a word that we commonly use when it comes to men. And if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea, then ask your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother or simply a friend to help you out. Women presidents may, in fact, have less difficulty with this point.

Don’t wear a bracelet simply because your girlfriend gave it to you when you were an adolescent and stay away from pendants that would feature brands or could be associated with personal opinions. You may, however, wear the string bracelet that your 5-year-old made for you.

The last rule is very simple: Just like clothes, you should not wear any accessories you don’t feel comfortable with. A men’s purse may be something that makes you stand out from the rest, but if you don’t feel it, you’ll only look like you are trying too hard.