In the past few decades, there have been major strides in the field of robotics. In the early days of robotics technology, it was nowhere near as advanced. TV shows and science fiction books could only speculate how advanced robots could be in the distant future. Little did they know that robotics would evolve to such a degree, that the technology could be used in day-to-day life. Most people nowadays, don’t even know how robotics has helped them. Here are 6 Ways Robotics could enhance your life.


One of the best things about robotics technology is the way prosthetics have evolved. Before the creation of mechanized prosthetics, disabled people had to make do with normal prosthetics.

Hand and leg prosthetics were usually limited to artificial limbs made of wood or plastic. They were good enough for disabled individuals to live normal lives, however, they still have limitations in mobility and function.

For example, normal prosthetic hands did not have a grip feature, which made holding on to objects difficult. They are also somewhat unwieldy and might take some while before first-time users get comfortable with using them. With the advancements in robotics technology though, there are now robotic arms that have a wide range of articulation. They are not only limited to gripping functions either, they are also capable of more advanced functions such as writing, painting, and even wood carving. Some robotic limbs have become so advanced that they could feel real sensations.

The best thing is that robotics is becoming even more advanced. Every year, there are new innovations in prosthetic technology, and who knows? Maybe in the next few years, we’ll have robotic prosthetics that can function just as well as a real arm or leg.

Space Travel

A few decades ago, people could only speculate about space travel. They could only make shows like the Jetsons or Star Trek because space travel seemed like such a farfetched concept. Incredibly though space travel has become a reality, and new strides are being made every year. Robotics is one of the key factors to these innovations.

Technology has evolved to such a degree that it has helped push the space frontier to new heights. Throughout the history of space travel, a myriad of robots was created to function in space. Robots such as Sputnik, Mariner 2, and Voyager are just a few examples of these robots, and every year new innovations are being made. Even now, new robots are being designed and sent out into open space to find new planets and galaxies.


Robotics technology has contributed a great deal to the manufacturing industry. Decades ago, factories had to hire thousands of workers to work on their production lines. However, with the innovations in robotics, production lines no longer need thousands of workers to man them. Pick and place robots are becoming more and more commonplace in manufacturing industries.

These robot arms are very beneficial to factories because they are extremely precise, fast, and do not tire. By using robot arms, manufacturing factories no longer have to pay workers or give them insurance coverage. They just need to be maintained on a regular basis, and they could work for hours on end. So the next time you ride a car or open a can of spam, you should remember the role that robots had in creating them.

Food Preparation

In the past few days, food preparation has become more and more mechanized. Usually, restaurants and cafes hire human workers for their food preparation methods. However, new strides are being made in the food preparation industry. Some restaurants use robots to prepare meals in very precise and speedy ways.

The key advantage of mechanized food preparation is that they are far more clinical and organized. Human workers could be having a bad day, and they could get sloppy. They might mess up your orders and give your restaurant a bad reputation.

Your workers could also be sick and could infect your clients through your food. If a food establishment uses robots in their food preparation, they are cutting out these liabilities. They could also function in a more effective and efficient way.


In the field of robotics, there have been new innovations. One such innovation is the use of robots for companionship. There are people who are lonely, and just need someone to talk to. This is why companionship robots are becoming more and more commonplace.

Senior citizens in retirement homes are particularly lonely, and there are times where families and friends could not visit them. There are a lot of lonely people out there, and they just need to feel that someone cares for them. Overall, companionship robots are a great way to fulfill this need.


When it comes to home security, it is always a good idea to take it as seriously as possible. So if there are any innovations in the security industry, it is best to keep up with these innovations. In the past few years, robots have been utilized for security purposes. Some great examples of these robots are security cameras attached to robot arms and the more advanced mobile surveillance robots.

These robots are usually used by hotels and government offices to survey and patrol their hallways. These types of robots might make some people uncomfortable, however, they are very effective and can help safeguard your home.


In the field of robotics, there has been a myriad of innovations in the past few decades. Back in the day, people could only imagine how robots will affect their lives. With this article, you’ll learn to appreciate the role that robotics plays in your life.