We all have that one jeans which we cant just let go. However, it may go out of fashion, and you will have to get rid of it. Instead of doing that you could experiment with your jeans. It will not cause any harm and will, in turn, give you a renewed jeans. Follow this article to learn new ways to revive your jeans very quickly and make it fashionable again!

1. Tighten Loose Jeans.

With regular use of jeans, it becomes loose and may not fit you well. Nobody likes to wear a misfitted jeans. To fix it you might belt, but there is a better way of fixing it. Use an elastic strip which would cover your back. Sew the strip with the sewing machine on the back side and voila your jeans will fit you well again.

2. Rip Your Jeans.

Wearing same jeans every day can be extremely dull. Give it a new look by ripping it. To achieve the ripped look, use a washable pen to mark the spots where you want cuts. With the help of scissors, make holes in the marked places. Use scissors very carefully as hole must not be too big nor it should be too small. To complete the look of ripped jeans, get the threads off with the help of a fork.

3. Distressed Jeans.

It will give a funky look to your jeans. To distressed your jeans, you will need a grater. Wear your jeans while distressing it, to get a perfect look. The preferable areas where your jeans get most strained are knees or back pockets. Rub the grater over the areas you want to get the look.

4. Reinvent Shrunken Jeans.

If your jeans have shrunken, then use decorative laces to cover the shrunken length. Stitch a decorative lace at the bottom cuffs. You can even use beads or sequins to create a unique look and new look.

5. Loose Fitting Jeans Into Skinny Jeans.

If you wear jeans for a very long time, then it will lose it fitting. It will become loose, and it can be converted into skinny jeans. Wear the jeans first and marks the spots with the help of safety pins where it is loose. After marking the places, turn your jeans inside out and rip off the original seams. Stitch the jeans in the flow of marked spots.

6. Bonus Tip.

Wear the jeans and sit with the jeans on in the bathtub filled with warm water for few minutes. This will loosen up the threads which will indeed loosen up the jeans which are tight for you. Take off your jeans and leave it dry.