Every woman understands the importance of a good eyeliner. It enhances her beauty and makes her eyes attractive. For a perfect eyeliner, you may have to be an expert.  But even a professional can make a mistake. We Will tell You ten common mistakes that you are making which can ruin your eyeliner. If you avoid them, then you can achieve a perfect winged eyeliner.

1. Poorly shaped pencil

You must ensure that tip of the pencil is always pointed. If you are using a blunt and thick pencil, then it will ruin your liner.

2. Using Colored eyeliner on lower waterline

Using colored eyeliner on lower waterline makes you look weird. So, avoid the use of colored eyeliner on the lower lid.

3. Asymmetrical wings

Make sure that you apply the eyeliner evenly. Both the wings should be symmetric. It enhances your look.

4.Using liquid eyeliner on lower waterline

Liquid eyeliner is meant to be used only on the upper eyelid. If you apply it on the lower eyelid, then it doesn’t give proper finishing. Instead of using liquid eyeliner you can use pencil on the lower waterline.

5. Non-durable eyeliner

The eyeliner runs quickly if you moisture on the lower eyelid. To make it last longer, you can use waterproof eyeliner.

6. Gap between the wing and the eyelashes

You must apply the eyeliner as close as with regards to the beginning of lashes.

7. Sloppy wing tips

The most important part of winged eyeliner is its slope. The lope must be sharp and tilted upward for a perfect eyeliner.

8. Stretched eyelids

Your eyeliner must not be too much stretched. You would end up with uneven eyeliner if you elongate it more than needed.

9. Applying liner on waterline of the lower lid

If you apply liner on the inner waterline of lower waterline, then it makes your eyes look small and tired. Avoid using it on lower waterline.

10. Intensely mixed eyeliner

Mixing the eyeliner is not wrong, but you should’ve complete information about it before heading for it. It can make or break your look.