How The Rings you Wear Influence Your Life


Do you believe rings can influence your fate? From the delicate, classy ones to the big, flashy ones, rings always have in trend among women. Fashion accessories since times immemorial, it is compulsory to have a multitude of rings to choose from if you want all your ensembles and #ooutfitoftheday looks to be perfect.

Everyone knows about the huge deal an engagement ring is and who can forget the iconic song ‘Put A Ring On It’ from the Queen Beyoncé herself! But rings can alter the course of your destiny too! Wearing rings on different fingers has many symbolizations and influences in your life as the fingers are linked to different planets.

According to astrology, you can alter your fate by wearing a particular stone set in a ring in a specific finger if you want to manipulate the influence of a specific planet in your life. It is also said that left hand about our personal life while the right hand is connected to the external forces in the life. Intrigued? Read on.

This is how rings can influence your fate

  1. Thumb

rings can influence your fate

The thumb is said to be linked to our inner self and wearing a ring on the thumbs gives you immense willpower. If you are struggling with issues of self-discipline and not completing your resolutions, now you know which finger to put the ring on.

Stones recommended for you: Ruby and garnet.

  1. Index Finger

The chosen finger for royalty to wear a ring on, the index finger denotes power and leadership as it is associated with Jupiter. If you are looking for ways to boost your self-esteem or harness your true potential, wearing a ring on the index finger will certainly help.

Stones recommended for you: Blue Topaz and amethyst.

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  1. Middle Finger

Associated with the planet Saturn, the middle finger is said to represent balance and responsibility.  It also denotes your individualism and wearing a ring on the middle finger is excellent if you want to showcase your uniqueness to the world.

Suggested Stones: Quartz and coral

  1. Ring Finger

Aptly called the ring finger, the presence or absence of a ring on this finger denotes your marital status as it is customary to wear the engagement and wedding rings on this finger. In fact, it is said that a direct nerve connects this finger to the heart and so, it was chosen by the ancient Greeks to be the designated finger for acknowledging the romantic relationships in your life.

Stones recommended for you: Moonstone and jade.

  1. Little Finger

Traditionally associated with the astrological planet of Mercury, the little finger hints to your communication skills like eloquence, persuasion and resourcefulness. Try wearing a ring on the little finger if you are looking to gain success in business as it denotes how to find common grounds with people you meet.

Stones recommended for you: Amber and citrine.