Flower according to zodiac sign-How many of us start our day with reading the horoscope in the daily newspaper? Astrology is a subject that has fascinated people since centuries and even if you do not believe in the motions of the planets, checking out the horoscope for your sun sign is interesting nevertheless. But this horoscope that defines your personality is a bit different than the others you might have seen. This one is floral horoscope that tells which flowers and its qualities represent each of the sun signs. Read on!

Flower according to zodiac sign

flower according to zodiac sign

  • Aries

As Aries is a charismatic personality who is amiable and kind, it is only apt that their flower is honeysuckle, a flower known for its extraordinary and eye-catching beauty.

  • Taurus

Taurus are well-known for their strong mind and confidence.  Always, winners, they look very strong but are sensitive from inside. Their flower is poppy.

  • Gemini

People born under the sign Gemini are social creatures who love to live the life king-sized. Full of energy and enthusiasm, they are amazing people to have in your life as they make it wonderful. Their flower is lavender.

  • Cancer

Cancerians are sensitive souls for whom happiness lies in making others happy. Loyal to the core, they are tender like their flower white rose.

  • Leo

Tough, independent souls, those born under the sign of Leo are highly enthusiastic people who don’t have the word ‘lose’ in their dictionary. Just like their flower sunflower, they are the centre of attraction wherever they go.

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  • Virgo

Logical, intelligent individuals who thrive on stability, punctuality, and neatness are born under Virgo. They can’t handle chaos and live the slow life. The flower of the Virgo sign is buttercup.

  • Libra

As individuals, Librans prefer harmony and balance in everything around them. Not a fan of biases and deceit, they love constancy and beauty. Rose is their flower of choice.

  • Scorpio

Enigmatic and liberated, Scorpions are known for their intellect and honesty. Highly intuitive and loyal, beware of crossing them as they don’t know the adage ‘forgive and forget.’ The flower of the Scorpion sign is Geranium.

  • Sagittarius

Sagittarians are a gritty and protective lot who never say no to any challenge and are impeccable in their work. The flower of the Sagittarius sign is Carnation.

  • Capricorn

Diligent and intellectual, Capricorns are famed for their honesty. Their flower is pansy.

  • Aquarius

Aquarians are very impulsive who are hate to be stuck in a rut. Lively and persistent, they get what they want one way or the other. Orchid is the flower of the Aquarius sign.

  • Pisces

Pisceans are of very delicate nature who has a mystical quality to them. Ever friendly, they are quite gullible. The water lily is their flower.