Years go by, but beach wavy hair seems to never to be out of fashion. The wavy hairstyle looks good on anyone, be it short, medium or long length hair. It suits every hair color!

There are various ways to achieve beach waves. One of them is tieing our wet hair in a bun or braid it, and let it dry by itself throughout the night so that we can wake up with waves.

However, it takes a lot of time, and many of us don’t have the time to wash our hair the night before!

The quickest solution is using a curler. If you want an instant wavy hairstyle for a night out, do it with a hair iron.

Firstly, spray a heat protector or apply heat protection hair serum to your hair. Divide it into two sections and create two twisted cords.

Next, holding the ends, twist them inwards into one bigger cord.

Start by heating the hair, inch by inch using a flat iron. move rod from top to bottom.
Allow the curls to cool completely before unraveling them. Repeat the same procedure over the rest of your hair.

For additional control, finish by fixing the hair with some hairspray. If you feel that this stiffens your hair way too much, you can use hair wax or pomade as a flexy substitute.
It will surely make the hair look healthier since it will give it a more dewy look.

No one can argue that beach waves are the best and it can enhance any look. It is suitable for any occasion, be it a red carpet or just regular office days.It can bring elegance to even a tom-boy look.Combine this hairstyle is by rocking it with a simple white tee, slim fit jeans, and high heels. Finish the look off with a leather jacket or maybe an aviator jacket on top. Clutch purse in hand and you are good to go!. You can even pull this look with a gown. Additional accessories such as a bow or flowers will make it even more graceful.