A Primary School Teacher Draws Funny Moments Of His Life And His Patience Deserves An Award


School teacher draws funny moments of his life-We are all so much for inviting with the problems and hurdles that the students face in schools. The memes give us a pretty cool testimony of our troubles. However, much to our ignorance, the teachers struggle as much, if not more than the students. The pain of the teachers is not portrayed in any of these limericks.

Colm Cuffe, from Galway, Ireland is an elementary school teacher. It is not easy to impart wisdom to these young children who are going to be our future. To release some of his stress, he draws comics about his work life. Let us have a look at some.

Teacher Draws Funny Moments Of His Life


Teacher Draws Funny Moments Of His Life Kids can be stupid more than they can be adorable. Also, if you are around them be ready to answer some dumb questions. Teachers, however, have to answer a ton of those, without getting sick of them. I don’t know how can the teachers remain sane after all the insanity.


I am not a parent yet, but I have been around kids enough to feel that feeling. Dropping off the little evil munchkins to the school for a while must feel good. The teachers may feel the same thing at the end of the school when the holidays begin(maybe not).


Every child has a different characteristic, and I cannot decide if that is a good thing for teachers because some of these characteristics may annoy the hell out of them. Every class has a loudspeaker, a whisperer, the backbencher, the sleeper and many more, and to deal with all these characters is a tougher task than it may seem. It’s hard to handle these little angels and sometimes demons.


Yeah, I am not going to sit here and deny that whenever my teacher asked if I understood so and so topic, there was not even once when I have said ‘no’, because, who does that? Who doesn’t pretend to concentrate in the class while your mind is roaming somewhere in between of that episode of FRIENDS? The class was fun, for students; teachers have it hard.


I know how it could be annoying for the teachers, but back in the day, us students were super surprised and even excited to see our teachers at any public place. It was like that they could not be at any other place except the classroom. Yeah, no wonder my teachers hate me.


Okay, I feel bad for my teachers now. Every day one person or the other is sick. Also, is it only me, or you guys also feel sick too while someone walks up to the teacher announcing they are sick. At the end of the week, the tables turn, too quickly.


Yes, homemade treats, be it from a stranger or a friend, are kind of scary. Teachers have a little more to worry about though. Is this treat a result of the scoldings or the student likes the teacher? These comics should be made for every profession.


The wisdom imparted in the classroom is not carried till home, it does vanish somewhere in between. Teachers’ advice is the least important part of the day of school. Now I’m all grown up and listen to everything that my professor tells me. That was all in the past *grins nervously*.

Do you miss your school now more than ever? Do you have some of your funny little anecdotes from school life to share? Most importantly, did you now learn that teachers are humans too? Teachers do a lot than what they get credit for. Try to remember this from now. Wait! I didn’t mean that you should stop annoying them from now on *winks*.