There is so much involved when it comes to setting up a car park. In addition to the processes of getting a permit and finding a suitable location for setting up the car park, here are other important aspects you’ll need to consider.

Signs and Parking Posts

Once you’re ready to organize a car park, it can be useful to purchase some parking posts and barriers. Parking posts and bollards can be used to demarcate areas where vehicles are to be parked and areas to be used by pedestrians. In addition to that, you will need to mark the entrances and exits, as well as the corners, for the parking rows to ensure people do not park in through routes. Signs can be used in pointing out the flow of traffic – it is recommended that installation be done such that it is a one-way system to prevent back up. It is also imperative to ensure there is enough space for the emergency vehicle to access the needed areas as well as routes marked to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from intermingling.

Access Control

Another important aspect of the car park is access control. As the business owner, you owe all your guests a duty of care. For that reason, you must ensure the right security measures are put in place for visitors to access the facility safely and securely. The car parking areas for the guests need to be accessible, well-defined, and secure and given the same level of security as the one available for your employees.

Moreover, if there is an access control system at the car park section, such a system may result in unnecessary delays for the guests at the entrance and exit sections of the car park. These lags can put a dent in your efficiency as a business because it could easily frustrate the employees. However, with security cameras in place, you’ll be in a position to handle these problems accurately since they will capture details of the number plates and relay the information to the access control device, thus increasing efficiency by reducing the waiting time.

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Verification Systems

In addition to automating the traffic on your site, verification systems can help in verifying information on those entering and leaving your organization’s car park. Some verifications are advanced to the level they can capture the details of the number plates and match them to the existing database to establish parking violators and other offenders on the site. Verification systems also allow the business to track its guests and perhaps catch those with ill motives.

Final Word

When it comes to setting up a car park, you may want to consider other amenities such as toilets at your site. To capitalize on your guests and improve the efficiency of your employees, you may also consider establishing a snack stop where guests could have access to drinks and snacks. However, the most important of them all is to make sure your guests and employees, along with their properties, are protected while in the facility.