6 Riddles By Sherlock Holmes That Will Test Your Bright Brain


Sherlock Holmes riddles-Well, on this earth yet now we have known that only a few cases of murder get solved in the small time. Rest cases we generally ignore. According to the raw of the US, we know that only 1/3 of the cases get solved with it. And in the UK, the crimes are even less in kind to answer them. Also, the world is in the requirement for the observations, intuitions, and logical reasoning. We here give it a try with Sherlock Holmes 2.0.

Here we are with some riddles for you to solve them. These riddles will put your brain to the test. And hence you can prove yourself to be Sherlock Holmes 2.0. Try to avoid cheating because we have given the answers at the end.

Bad intentions

Sherlock Holmes riddles that will test how bright you are

A lady invited her friend for dinner and then she served her a half apple along with some cream. And then she had put rest in the bowl. She ate half of the same apple which she gave to her friend. Now after eating the same suddenly, the friend died, but the host did not. Now the question arises that how did she survived, but the friend died. Can you tell the reason why it happened?

Who is lying?

Well, in this case, a friend Tom went out hiking on Sunday with his friend Chris by taking permission from his brother Dan. But after that Tom’s dead were lying on Saturday in the wood. But then Dan said he was working for the whole week. Chris was moving around the area on the Highway. But then he said he was himself lost in the woods, but later he found his way back to the home. He did not know anything. By looking at the picture, tell me who is lying?

Sherlock holmes riddles guess the murderer

Sherlock Holmes is investigating the case of a rich who lived in a beautiful and charming house got kidnapped. Then in the crime scene, he found a note which was by Mr. Green. The words written on the record were, “First of January, Fourth of October, Fifth of March, Third of June.” And the name of the killer was accordingly the message written. The suspects according to Sherlock were Jack Green, who is the son and the heir of the property. John Jacobson, who is an employee of Mr. Green. June Green who is the wife of Green.

Guess the name of the murderer and the victim.

As you can see in the picture, there are five men. One man killed other five men. Dan ran with one of the innocent men to the New York City. Mike considered himself to be a farmer. Jeff is the computer consultant who had to work to install a new computer for Ben. The leg of the murderer amputated last month. Jack met Ben six months ago. Dan had a habit of drinking a lot. Jeff and Ben had built their computers last month. The murderer is the brother of Jack.

Can you find out the name written on the note?

A snowball came in the house of Sherlock which broke a window glass of his home. When he stood to see, then he found that three kids of his neighbor were hiding away. The three were John Crimson, Mark Crimson, and Paul Crimson. And in the next day, Sherlock got a note which displayed, “? Crimson. He broke your window.” Who is the master behind the incident to happen?

It will help you to think outside of the box.

In a field of snow, one man was lying dead. But the evidence that Sherlock found was the footprints of the murderer. It was in the form of two lines parallel to each other. What was in actual the police looking for?

Answers to the above questions are:


The whipped cream was poisonous.


Chris is lying because he has no injury while he was lost in the woods.


Take the word from each month, and it forms John. So, John was the kidnapper.


Victim-Mike and Murderer-Jeff.


Consider Mark of ? and Crimson. Thus Mark Crimson is the master of the incident.


The murderer is the one on the wheelchair.