Signs That Show We Actually Lead Our Life As A Fairytale Moment


Lives are no less than fairytale-It is the era of technology, pub hopping, and never-ending race to reach our destination. It’s the 21st century. We sat alone and went to the flashbacks of those days when we were kids and were living in the life of fairytales. In the days, when were kings or queens of our dream place and had golden spoon and pixies to sprinkle the glitters. We religiously believed in that world because that world looks very beautiful to us.

Lives are no less than fairytale

And then we grew up, and we mature and became independent. We focus on achieving the success and do not more believe in the fairytale.

There are some wise words by Roald Dahl which help us to look at our lives differently. Here are some points which tell us that our lives are also no less than any fairytale.

lives are no less than fairytale

1. Walking up right next to ones we love

It may be a stereotyped belief or a poetic expression to understand that the people whom we love in this world more than anything are no less than any fairytale moment.

One has to believe that the fairytales exist and it exists in things which we would take for granted to live a life of fairytale.

2. Having the job that helps us pay our bills and buy things

We tend to train our minds and hearts day and night to work harder for the job that surely will help us to live an independent life. That moment finally comes after a lot of efforts, struggle, and hard work. The moment where we get the job to live our life more comfortable. But afterwards, we put our hard work aside and aspire for something more. We don’t appreciate our hard work.

There is no harm to aspire better things in our life. The main point is that we forget the hard work that we have gone through to get such job to make our life easy.

Our job that makes our life easy to live is no less than a fairytale.

3. We are able to eat the kind of food that we want

We see models with the perfect figure and sleek physique that influence us to become like them. It takes a lot of guts to accepts our figure that we have without starving it. We try many things to become like those models on the cover page of magazines.

Some people badly desire to eat different food. And some people are blessed with both, i.e. perfect body figure and foods. These people should feel the life of fairytale because they can eat any food which they want to eat.

4. Being able to do something that we thought wasn’t possible

The best feeling that everyone desires in this world is to overcome any fear that becomes an obstacle to live their life fully.

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There is no angel who mary glitter or pixies that help us or guide us through, these are we all. We all give our lives a new definition to live a fairytale moment.

5. Being to travel to our dream place

Travelling requires a lot of time and can be expensive. We all have one dream place to travel there. We can manage our dream come true to travel there with the hard work and dedication.

There can be a lot of different dreams like to stand in front of Effiel tower, to see northern lights in Iceland, trekking the Mount Everest, and sunbathing in Miami, etc. Being able to live our dream without sleeping is fascinating. It’s a fairytale moment.

6. We are able to see our friends and family frequently

We all need emotional support to lead a stress-free life. We need someone close by our side. Everyone is not lucky to have people to support them in their worst conditions.

It’s harrowing to imagine the pain of not having someone at the time when we need them the most. We believe that they must be there by our side. It is not wrong to call the moment as fairytale when we have someone by our side when we need them.

It means the one life that we get can be lead like a king or queen. It is all about putting more and more efforts to make every moment of our life magical. Little things matter a lot. We need to believe in fairytales to make our life magical.