How To Do The Self-Health Check-Up To Save The Time And Money.


Self-health check-The annual exam that your doctor urges you to give is not much necessary if you think you are right. If your body gives you full support to do some work, then you need not worry about it. You need not visit the doctor every time. There are many ways that you can check your body situation at home by yourself.

But for that, you need some information regarding the expertise in medical life. You should have guts to know something wrong regarding yourself. But do not worry about it, we are here to hel[ you out.

It will take only a few minutes to read out something, and you will not have to waste a lot of money and your precious time on such things. But you need to make one thing sure that if there is something wrong with you, then you will have to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Simple self-health check you can do at home


Simple self-health check you can do at home

How to do self-health check? Skin is the largest organ on the human body. It has its language which helps in learning the facts about rocket science.

You need to go to the sunlit room and try to inspect your skin in front of the mirror. Examine properly and check if your face is looking blotchy then you can be suffering from the hormonal imbalance, and it can also lead to the ovarian cysts.

If you have some pimples on your face, then that means you are not eating the balanced diet, or it can also be due to the facial moisturizer.

You must make sure of eating proper food items which are healthy for you. And also go to the doctor if you are suffering from any food intolerances.

Also, check your moles.

Check if some moles have grown in the allover skin. You need to pay high attention to them. Also, in the coming time, they will become dark and even cause bleeding.

It may be the symptoms of having skin cancer.


Simple self-health check you can do at home

Eyes act like the windows to your health defining rather than being windows to the soul. If you examine a slight change in your color, then it establishes a lot of things about your well-being.

You need to pull down the bottom of your eyelids. And one by one look at the underneath.

If your eyes have turned the pale yellow color, then that means you are suffering from iron deficiency. Also, it can lead to anemia which means you are having unexplainable tiredness, dizziness, headaches, and shortness of breath.

You need to examine the white part of your eyes and check how white they are. If they turned yellow, then that means you are suffering from some liver disease.

If you have any scratch on the cornea, then that can be quickly treated by the doctor.


The mouth is the organ where things can get a little gross. You need specific preventions to solve the problems.

If your throat does not get hurt, and then you find tonsil stones that mean your mouth has grown certain bacterias and debris that build up at the back of your throat. You should not get worried because of it. The tonsil stones are common in the mouth. You should get much worried about them. The best thing is you can get rid of them by yourself.

If you have white spots inside your cheeks and your tongue then that means you are having the symptoms for oral cancer. And if you drink or smoke, then you will not have to take such things very lightly.

Your mouth will give the foul smell.

Or if you do not have anything to do with what you just ate, it could be the indication of tonsil stones. If you can not identify anything that means the odor smells different than morning breath. It can be a sign of gum diseases.


If you are having some signs of irregularity in your nails, then it indicates a lot of things about your health.

If you have pale nails, then that means you might be suffering from anemia. You can press your nail hardly and let your finger go. If it does not get rid of yellow color, then that means you can also be suffering from iron deficiency.