Check Out Your Sleeping Hours According To Your Age Group


Sleep according to your age-Biological clocks explain the lot about our health. They provide us with a lot of information and also tell us that how the sleep cycles can have the much effect on our health. Generally, doctors recommend people for average seven to eight hours sleep. But it is not right for everyone. The rest must be according to the age of the person.

Taking the proper sleep is the essential part of our lives. In the full day you work very hard, and after that, you all need to make the appropriate rest and the healthy sleepy. It is like the recovery of your body. Your body gets replenished with the rest. The rest in between a day is called a nap. But now the central question is for how many hours we need to take the good night sleep.

Sleep according to your age

Lack of sleep

Sleep according to your age

Well, many of us people want to take rest after the full week, and we wait for weekend holidays. But you should be concerned that the proper sleep is must to make rather than watching the viral video on the internet. If you neglect the rest, then it will have the harmful effects on your health, and also it affects our future negatively.

Not getting the required rest can have the harmful effects on you and have serious consequences. It also weakens our immunity. It can also give rise to many diseases like:



Changes in the hormones

Cardiovascular Diseases

Visual impairment


Improper sleep can also lead to the body and the appearance. We suffer from weight gain and the dark circles, pallor, and the dark body complexion. It will also lead to the lack of the concentration of the body. And all these are the symptoms for the premature ageing of the body.

Age and sleep

Now we should know that how the age affects our bodily functions and our condition. There is a connection between the required number of hours for the rest and our generation.

The small child between the age of 0-3 months should get the sleep of 14-17 hours in a day.

Sleep for 4-11 months babies should be 12-15 hours.

Sleep nights for 1-2 years child should be 11-14 hours.

Rest for the children of 3-5 years should 10-13 years.

Children with the age of 6-13 years take the sleep for 9-11 hours in a day.

Sleep for the children in the age of 14-17 hours should be between 8-10 hours.

Sleep nights for the people in the age group of 18-25 years should be from 7-9 hours in the day.

And for 24-64 years should be between 7-9 hours in the day.

Eventually, people above 65 years should take rest for 7-8 hours in a sleep night.

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As shown in the picture, with the growth of the person he should take the less sleep.

The newborn baby requires the extra amount of sleep. Under 18 years children sleep more than 8 hours a day. And then the required amount decreases as the age increases. And they sleep for eight hours only up to the 65 years of age. Every person has their sleep requirements.

Sleep improvement

You need to pay high attention to the quality and your sleep requirements. Otherwise, it can lead to the deterioration of your health. Follow these tips to feel refresh every day. If your toddler doesn’t fall asleep easily, get a maternity rocking chair. Check this link for top-quality maternity rocking chairs at affordable rates.

Try to keep your schedule for every work on the separate. Sleep during nights and be awake in the day. But if you change your plan sometime, then it can break the schedules.

You should take sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

Do not take tonic drinks before bed.

Do not overeat that is bad for you at night.

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Sleep comfortably in the night time with the cosy atmosphere in your room.

Take the quality bedding and before that go for a walk in the fresh air before going to bed.

Try not to make sure that you should not use gadgets like mobile phones before going to bed.

Pay the most attention to do physical exercise and the relaxation techniques.

Taking the correct sleep is not bad, and hence it is not much complicated. You should improve your actions, and you should be cheerful and healthy.