Step by step tutorial to do the trio eyeliner.!!


Eyeliner never goes out of fashion. You can always try new tricks to make your eyes more beautiful using eyeliner. While cat eye, winged eyeliner, etc. are very common these days, we are bringing you a unique style of eyeliner that is the trio eyeliner. It looks elegant and beautiful at the same time. In this multiple shades of eyeliners are combined to give you a beautiful look. Let’s find out how.

1 Apply a base.

First of all, clean your eyelids properly and then apply a base.

2. Use aqua color.

Aqua color is preferable as it looks good on everyone. You can, however, use any other color of your choice.

Start by applying the aqua color eyeliner as you normally do. Make sure to wing it out.

2. Apply it using the cat eyeliner technique.

After you’re done with aqua color, use a regular black eyeliner next. Make sure to give it a cat eye effect.

4. Line your lower lashes using a glittery eyeliner.

After you’re done with your upper lashes, Line your lower lashes with a glittery shade. We are using a green one here. Apply it from the outer corner to the center.

5. The final touch.

To complete the entire look, draw a thin line using your aqua liner towards the inner corner of your lower lash line. This will make your eyes pop out. Join this line with the line made by glittery eyeliner.

6. Your look is now complete!

Now, you’re ready to stand out from the crowd.