17 Years Old Boy Sneered For Paying In Quarters At The Restaurant


The boy paid with quarters-Well, we feel happy, and it is interesting to share with you some thoughts about the thing that happened to the 17 years old boy in the US. Here he has taught us lessons that how we can turn the most unpleasant situations to the positive one. The name of the boy is Cohen Naulty who is a student of the senior high school and lives in Virginia and also for the part-time he works as the waiter. Well, very often we will find him giving the tips for the small change.

The 17-year-old boy paid with quarters

The 17-year-old boy paid with quarters

The first step was his collection of coins and storing for the need and then using those coins to pay the bill at some other local restaurant for himself and his friends. Well, we salute him for this particular change. He had collected a bag full of small coins, and now these coins are paying off for him. Even with those payments, Cohen Naulty had given some useful tips. But he had never realized that by his actions of paying the bill for the restaurant in with the quarters could make a lot of noise like that.

Here we would like to tell you that you cannot put up with the injustice when you are right. No one can tell you anything when such things happen. It is a story with an excellent example that explains how we can get rid of such conflicts without the scandal and blaming them.

You should try to save yourself from such conflicts.

Here we introduce you to the Quarter Boy who got the original nickname. The name given is in the honor of the quarter. Well, I think that the boy seems happy with it. Let us check out to find what truth is.

Well, it is true that Cohen does not find the nickname given to him as offensive but it actual he feels proud of him for his actions and good work. Here is the reason why. But one thing that we can is that the guy is happy for himself with a positive attitude towards his work.

Cohen along with his friends went to a pub for the party or get to a gathering, and soon after that, they had left. Cohen paid the bill of the pub in the form of coins. When they went to the bar, the employees present there at the pub took one photograph of the payment bill with the coins and then posted it online with an ironic post. They even wrote a scathing caption for the position.

The caption along with the hashtag implies that the teenagers do not have much money to pay off with their upbringings.

It was a joke that we find inappropriate consistently which turned into the bad press for the pub. The subscribers also criticized Cohen for his actions in the pub. And also they advised other people visiting there to pay with the coins from the next time. Cohen also saw the same post and got surprised by the reaction of the people present in the restaurant. Soon after that, Cohen did not feel bad for it, and hence he took the screenshot of the same post by the restaurant employees and posted it on his page and the account.

The ideas of the boy were incredible. He told the whole story on his Facebook account, and then he also set up a charity campaign. He also collected donation by starting the fundraiser. His idea behind such action was that he and his friends could treat strangers with the food and raised money for them.

Cohen also wrote that “I love paying for people’s meals even if I have to scrape together my last quarters to do so. It is the whole thing made me realize that how much I love doing this and why I decided that I would find restaurants out there that did not mind paying in the quarters and treat a patron at least once a week, to see what this simple act of kindness that we can do for them! We will post a few videos so that you can see too how big a change a little ‘change’ can make.”

And then the public widely supported the campaign along with him. He appreciated him for his work. Now they do not criticize him for that.