Detection Labrador dog sniffing hemp leaf outdoors

Life with a pet is so rich, more so if you have children, then the joy you see in their faces and hearing their laughter as they run around the garden trying to catch the dog, is priceless. There is something magical about seeing your family memories unravel in-front of you and evolve, these are the moments we live for and cherish for years to come.

As the kids grow up and get older so do our pets, and this is where we need to be extra vigilant. We need to be aware of their health, ailments, and keep an eye on any symptoms they might be showing signs of. If you have decided to stay on top of their meal plans and essential vitamins and minerals then you are on the right track.

Adding to nutrition.

You may think that simply swapping out certain foods for others will be sufficient, and in some cases, it might be, but food alone will not make the significant impact you are hoping for or looking to achieve when it comes to the quality of life you want to offer for your dogs.

As wholesome as food is, and be sure to check packaging and labels for ingredients that contain vast amounts of unpronounceable chemicals or additives, there is always room for more.

This is where our new found love for a natural and organic ingredient comes into play, and one that has changed the way we approach life and our nutrition, but that is a story for another day and another cup of tea.

I am talking about a simple yet powerful plant and flower known as Hemp, as a distant cousin related to the marijuana family, it may raise concerns for some but here is why you need not fret.

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, which is extracted from the hemp plant and flower is a natural by-product that has a long list of health benefits and has changed peoples’ and animals’ lives. CBD, see here for more information, is the extract of the plant with the THC counterpart extracted.

THC is responsible for the hallucinogenic effect you experience and the ‘high’ feeling you get like with marijuana. Always check the CBD content of a product for superior concentration and if there are traces of THC present above the safe level of 0.3% and less.

CBD is implemented into your dogs’ diet.

There are numerous ways to incorporate CBD into meals, either via oil soaked into doggy biscuits or mixed into their dinner, or the more popular option of ready-made treats for a quick grab and go alternative.

The latter version was one that we found extremely handy and useful and there is always a treat pack in the car and a smaller snack box in my handbag because you never know when your pup may need it.

We first used it after being recommended it by friends who raved about it after a long car journey with their dogs and touring new places while on a road trip. Their dogs were used to their home surroundings and became anxious when faced with new accommodation or a large number of new smells to discover.

A quick CBD treats helped calm the stress they felt and made the journey that much more pleasurable, they now give a treat as standard when heading off and upon arrival, the dogs are none the wiser and simply flop into the new sofa stress-free.

We were hesitant at first but after a trial period it is now a staple in the pantry and we have never looked back.

To discover the varieties and options available that could be suited to your family dynamic and to compliment your pets’ personality, check out and your dog will soon be running care-free, stress-free, and without a worry in the world.

Besides aiding your furry family member in dealing with and managing his anxiety the positives that CBD brings to the table are increasing daily. Medical practitioners have now begun to look at it as an alternative to harsh treatments and it is becoming the go-to prescription if it can be helped.

4 Advantages of using CBD for your pet.

  • Pain. The topmost commented on and noticeable effect once CBD is added consistently to the dogs’ diet is that they no longer walk with chronic pain. The elements of CBD react in the body and effectively manage how it perceives and processes inflammation. Joints and muscles are supple, there is no build-up and thus this symptom is eliminated.
  • Anxiety. As mentioned before, when the neurons in the brain and neuro system are regulated the pulses are sent and received at regular intervals as opposed to mass pulses being released. This allows the brain to process what would usually be high-stress situations in a calmer more relaxed manner, and the result is without stress.
  • Appetite. If your dog doesn’t seem himself or has lost his lust for food a quick dose of CBD can give him the boost he needs and it will trigger his appetite and get him eating and back to his usual bouncing self.

Your pet may not take to eating a new snack thus the alternative products might be the next best thing, see here what others think of CBD for pets and what they found best to work for their dog.

  • Cancer Aid. While the evidence on this testimony is not yet guaranteed tests and reports ‘have shown’ the reduction of growth in tumor-causing cancer cells by blocking their production and eliminating their energy for growth. You have likely tried all other harsh medical treatments, if CBD works what have you got to lose?

Final thoughts.

CBD has been around for centuries more so than we realize and only in recent years have we re-stumbled on it and brought it to life. An all-natural and organic ingredient that offers a healthier lifestyle, seems like a win-win situation to me, and the reason it is a consistent part of our lives.