Many of us love betting and horse racing ranks amongst the most popular sports to gamble on with the best firms listed at offering big odds, promotions, and specials. The sport has it all, from thoroughbred racehorses, the idyllic scenery of the course, brave jockeys at the peak of physical fitness, and the fashion of the crowd.

A visit to one of the most famous horse racing meetings is a luxurious, elegant but tense day out. The ladies and gentlemen in attendance dress to impress with some of the most famous designers well represented. On the track, months of training have prepared the runners for just a few minutes of action. Which horse will repay their owner’s and trainer’s faith, making up for the years of sacrifice on the gallops, not to mention the thousands of dollars spent on fees and vet bills?

Then there’s the ongoing battle, the feud between bookie and better, each working hard to get one over on the other. To sneak an advantage. Bookies set out their stalls and chalk up the odds, little has changed through the generations.

The bettors frantically read the form, watch the parade and ask advice, eager for a tip on the next winner. There’s always that one guy who knows someone who knows a friend of the trainer and he has the hot news for anyone who cares to listen.

It’s a fascinating atmosphere and a great occasion for all in attendance. Which are the biggest horse races in the world and how can you bet on them? Read on as we reveal all.

Grand National – Aintree, England

The Grand National is the richest horse race in the United Kingdom and one of the wealthiest in the world. It ranks amongst the most famous events on the racing calendar, attracting a global audience. Aintree is a stunning course on Merseyside with Liverpool as the nearest city. The Grand National brings together racing fans from all different walks of life with the country on pause for the duration. Casual race fans love this 4m 4f slog for its big price runners and the results pages are filled with winners at double-figure odds. The favorites don’t do too well in this event and bettors love making their predictions and taking an outsider with a big price attached.

Dubai World Cup – Meydan, UAE

If you are looking for wealth, luxury and extravagance, you’ll find it all and then some in Meydan. The Dubai World Cup meeting may not have the scenery of the top races from England or the history but it’s a modern, exciting event where there’s no expense spared in the preparation. With total prize money coming in at more than £6m, the stars of horse racing come out to shine every year.

Kentucky Derby – Kentucky, United States

There are many famous horse races in America but the Kentucky Derby tops them all. It is a 1m 2f race for three-year-olds and has been held annually since 1875. It’s a huge event on its own but the Kentucky Derby is also part of the American Triple Crown alongside the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. You may hear this race referred to as the Run for the Roses.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

A trip to Paris to take in the splendor of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is on the bucket list of many sports fans. The meeting draws a global crowd with the thousands of race fans from France boosted by an international crowd, including many who travel by land, sea, and air from the United Kingdom. It’s viewed as the most prestigious race in Europe, and the locals are tough to beat on their home turf.

Melbourne Cup, Melbourne, Australia

Horse racing is huge in Australia, with meetings taking place every day of the week. It may go unnoticed for many living in the Northern Hemisphere due to the time difference, but it’s worth setting your alarm clock for this one. There are a few high-quality races on the Australian racing calendar, but none as major as the Melbourne Cup. The race is so important to the locals they have a public holiday in its honor.